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Tie Dye Converse

Hands up if you had fun putting elastic bands around t-shirts and dying them in a buckets of  bright blue, purple and pink dye when you were a kid? I know I did! Well it appears Converse have bought themselves a box of elastic bands… meet this season’s take on the All Star. What do you reckon?

Bright Trainers Make You Run Faster

A friend told me the other day that bright trainers make you run faster. Seems a reasonable statement… And with January being the month when everyone seems to want to get fit, it made sense to do a bit of trainer window shopping and bring you a handful of brightly coloured runners to get you

Review: Teva Freewheel Cycling Sneakers

If you’ve been reading Splodz Blogz for any time you will know that I love cycling, and this year have really been getting into the habit of commuting by bicycle to save sitting in the terrible Lincoln traffic as well as to get myself a bit fitter and healthier. I don’t have all the right

Review: Cloudrunner Trainers by On

Running and I have a very mixed relationship. I think I am one of those people who loves the idea of running, but when it comes to the physical exertion involved, is actually never going to be able to describe myself as “a runner”. I mean; I get running, I understand the appeal, I love

Review: TevaSphere Speed

TevaSphere by Teva is said to be the most stable running shoe available. You’ll notice straight away in the photos the two features that lead to this – the support pods (I like to call them “wings”!) on either side of the shoe, and the rounded off heel – they are one of the strangest

Shoes: White Pumps for Spring and Summer

A pair of white Converse All Stars is a wardrobe staple. They are such a versatile shoe for spring and summer – go with every outfit, are very comfortable, great for men and women, ideal for home and holiday wear.  Agree? If you don’t, but still want to have some gorgeous white pumps for this

Review: Brooks Lady Adrenaline GTS 13 Running Shoes from SportsShoes.com

I mentioned in my post about my dream motorcycling holiday that I need to get myself fitter and stonger over the next year if I am to enjoy it as much as I want to. One way I am doing that is by running – well, jogging – again. I used to run quite a

Shoes by Coca Cola?

When I was a teenager – 17 or 18 or so – I had a pair of Coca Cola jeans. No really. I loved them. They had a fabulously flattering shape, low on the waist, skinny through the thigh, opening out into an understated flare at the ankle. They had that Coca Cola logo thing

Shoes: Wedge Trainers

I have been looking at the range of wedge high top trainers around at the moment for ages (and ages) – they’ve been around for a good while now now – wondering if I should. I am torn. I think I like the way they look. I like that they would give me some additional

Review: Greeper Laces

A short while ago I tested and reviewed a pair of Salomon trainers that had a new-to-me lacing system which locked shut and didn’t budge, keeping the trainers securely on my feet without any worry.  Greeper Laces have a similar look about them, and come with the tagline “once applied, always tied”. They are replacement

Review: Stuffits

The problem with our hobbies being walking, motorcycling and skiing is that we often end up with a line of boots by the back door drying or airing out. Stinky damp boots. Yuk! I came across Stuffits at the end of last year and just had to try them out. The company was very kind

Salomon Womens XR Mission Shoes

Over the last few weeks I’ve been wearing these Salomon Womens XR Mission Shoes to see what they’re like. They are my first pair of Salomons, a brand I’ve always wanted to wear on my feet (LincsGeek has a pair of Salomon walking boots and I’ve always been a tad jealous of those) – I