How to Pay for Fuel in the USA

One thing you can’t get away from whilst road tripping in the USA is the need to buy fuel. Virtually all gas stations in the United States have what in the UK we call ‘pay at the pump’. If you don’t use pay at the pump, you must pre-pay inside with either cash or credit


Earlier this month LincsGeek and I headed on our annual motorcycle trip with our two friends Paul and Rick. This year we decided to head up to Scotland, via Northumberland on the way up and Carlisle on the way back. We love Scotland and have had the pleasure of holidaying and touring in various parts

Review: Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex Women’s Boots

The Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex is described as a “speed hiker”, which suits me as I do like to get a wiggle on when I’m out hiking on my own. The boot is designed for all kinds of hiking, including climbing and scrambling. As durable and waterproof as you would expect a Merrell Gore-Tex

{ Sunday Soliloquy } The Solar Eclipse

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] Did you see it? What a sight! I was very lucky to be stood in one of the few places with no cloud and so had a fantastic view of the moon passing across the sun and creating

Review: Dad’s Root Beer

Please tell me you all love root beer? It is a popular American carbonated soda (fizzy pop!) originally made using the root of a sassafras plant (not anymore as that’s been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), along with other flavourings. I love the stuff. I tried it for the first time on

Sea Views for the Soul

I do like a nice sea view. When my grandad was alive (it’s still very raw saying that, I do miss him) he would take us for a drive to see the sea – to check it was still there. It’s something that’s stuck; I can’t go too many days without seeing the sea. I’ve

Review: Deluxebite

Please note that since writing this review the Deluxebite website and twitter feed have disappeared and I can no longer get hold of the company. Very strange. I will leave the post online for reference but it looks like you can’t actually subscribe to this any more. If they materialise again I’ll let you know.

The Graham Homes Memorial Ride

The Graham Homes Memorial Ride will be 2,000+ miles of Great British roads over a week at the end of May 2013, raising money for two cancer charities. It will be our biking tribute to Graham, my father in law, recreating something of our John O’Groats to Land’s End trip in 2009, while hopefully making

The Sea is Still There

I’m not sure when or how it started, but I remember that when my Grandparents lived in Budleigh Salterton, a gorgeous little village in Devon, that we would often take a drive to the seafront simply “to see if the sea was still there“. It’s something that has stuck with me. Even before then I

The Royal Wedding

It’s stuff made of fairy tales – like Disney himself orchestrated the day. The big day for William and Kate was finally here. And the world watched as they made their way to church, made their vows, exchanged rings (well one anyway) and became Man and Wife. Awwwwwww I hear you say in unison. I

Snow from NASAs POV

I just got sent this photo and HAD to share it with you… It’s from the MODIS Rapid Response System ( and shows the snow across Great Britain yesterday (7th January). Just wow!