Review: TeckNet PowerGen Power Pack

As someone who loves both her gadgets and tech as well as getting out and about into the countryside for some time away from it all, no kit list is complete without some kind of battery power. It’s now a good year or two since I took the advice of the equally gadget and outdoors

Review: iPhone 5 Dock from Mobile Fun

Docks are designed to allow you to sync and charge your phone while it is sat upright on your desk or bedside table. This one (showing off my very dusty iPhone!) is from Mobile Fun. The dock is good for charging and syncing your phone with your computer, as well as plugging into the mains

Review: Mobile Fun Lightning to USB Cable

One of the problems with upgrading to the iPhone 5 or the new iPad is that because Apple changed to their new lightning connection, using old accessories requires new cables or adapters (or new accessories entirely). Whether you believe lightning is genuinely better (faster, smaller, etc) or that it’s just an exercise to make our old accessories defunct, the

Erasable Memo Pad & USB Hub

If you’re anything like me then your office desk is often covered in Post-It notes or little scraps of paper with “call this person later” or “do this tomorrow” or (most importantly) “don’t forget your shopping is in the fridge”. I wouldn’t function without my lists and notes, I just can’t seem to remember anything

Duracell Personal Power

I love gadgets. Gadgets are brilliant. But sometimes my gadgets just don’t last long enough on their battery life. Duracell has introduced a range of new personal power products, designed to help us go beyond the usual limits of our devices.  The range includes portable chargers, battery chargers, rechargeable batteries and long life disposable batteries.

Motor Mouse Mini Cooper

If you follow Dragon’s Den you will have seen or heard of Motor Mouse.  Patti & David Bailey presented Motormouse to the Dragons in the final episode of the 2009 series, which saw James Caan invest in the idea. The product idea is a wireless computer mouse in the shape of a model/replica car.  Motor Mouse

Powermat for iPhone

I was lucky enough to recently win a Powermat thanks to a competition run on Twitter by Powermat in the UK.  I’ve been using it for a little while now and I thought it was about time I brought my thoughts to the readers of Splodz Blogz. I was sent the Complete System for iPhone4,