Casual Wedges for a Day on the Cobbles

When you live in a city where cobble stones are a regular feature on the streets, wedges are a vital part of a girl’s wardrobe. You get the height that you would from any pair of heels alongside the stability of having a flat sole. I normally think of wedges as being styled for a

Air Step Solaris Sandals

It looks like it’s going to be the third hottest summer on record, which – let’s face it – is pretty much what I asked for. Ok so I didn’t ask for the humidity leading to feeling more sweaty doing everyday tasks than I think I ever have done on a 10km run (not to

Shoes by Coca Cola?

When I was a teenager – 17 or 18 or so – I had a pair of Coca Cola jeans. No really. I loved them. They had a fabulously flattering shape, low on the waist, skinny through the thigh, opening out into an understated flare at the ankle. They had that Coca Cola logo thing

Shoes: Wedge Trainers

I have been looking at the range of wedge high top trainers around at the moment for ages (and ages) – they’ve been around for a good while now now – wondering if I should. I am torn. I think I like the way they look. I like that they would give me some additional