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What is Adventure?

I love to read about people’s adventures. Learning about the exciting things that other people are getting up to makes me smile – it helps me to understand even more than life is all about the journey and that life can be fun and exciting. I read lots of adventure-focussed blogs, follow adventurers on twitter,

Review: Evolution Chair

The leaflet that came with this product I’ve been sent to review says “thank you for joining the evolution“. What I have is the Evolution Chair; essentially a Swiss Ball exercise ball on casters designed to use as an office chair. I know people who sit on a Swiss Ball at work and I was

#BEDN 14 > Workspace – My Blogging Office

Want to see my blogging office? Well here it is… As you can see I am an iPad girl, with a bluetooth keyboard (thanks to Black Friday last year) to make things nice and easy and a very useful Spider Podium to give me a good view of my screen. I also have my phone

#BEDN 8 > Day in the Life

What is a typical Friday like for you? Is it a normal working day involving an early alarm call? Do you have a Friday lunch time routine that is different to any other day of the week? Maybe it’s pub-straight-from-the-office day? Today’s prompt asks BEDN bloggers to share what a day in our life is

Sunday Soliloquy – Sunday Night Blues

[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ] I often refer to the Sunday night blues. I get them a lot. Once a week, in fact. It is the feeling I get inside on a Sunday night, having had a lovely weekend, that reminds

Weight Watchers: Work Place Weight Loss

There are many things that make losing weight difficult. Motivation to eat healthily and exercise more comes and goes for all of us for many reasons. Sometimes it’s the weather – how hard is it to say no to a big baked potato at lunch time or a massive hot chocolate in the afternoon with our current

Review: SIGG Active Top 0.75l Bottle

I’ll let you know how I’ve got on with my ditch the plastic challenge in a few days, but first I wanted to give the SIGG bottle I was given a proper review post. This is the SIGG Active Top 0.75l Performance Purple bottle. It is a 750ml metal bottle with a plastic lid and straw

Shoes: Back to Work

That’s it. The Christmas and New Year break is over. I’ve had a really lovely couple of weeks off. But now it’s back to work. I can’t complain really, the day job is fine, but that still doesn’t stop *that* feeling in my stomach on a Sunday evening – the Sunday night blues plague me

Sale Shoe Shopping

It’s sale time everywhere at the moment, and I need my shoe fix, so I had a look at the Spartoo website to see what bargains there are to be had. I wondered what there was around the £20-25 mark – I wasn’t looking for anything inparticular but was hoping to find something for work

Year in Photos (23 Nov 11) – Mug

My mug and make-do coaster at work – it’s well used! 23/11/11: Tea day

Food Doctor Wholesome Pots

As winter sets in what we eat during the day becomes even more important than in the summer.  Those of us who eat at work might find that a sandwich or salad just doesn’t give us what we need – we need something warm, something filling, something that isn’t chips from the local pub!  And

A Warning to Cyclists

You all know that my bike was stolen yesterday and that it upset me greatly.  I wrote about it here. You also know that when I reported it to the police, I was given an “appointment slot” because no-one was available to come and see me either straight away or later that day.  A police