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For the last few years (since I turned 25) I have had a “list of things to do”. This has included lots of challenges and goals, things I want to do and experience, things I’d like to learn, places I’d like to visit, and so on.  It was originally things I wanted to do before I was 30, but the list got massive… so now I guess it’s my bucket list, although it’s not really just about ticking things off a list, but more about experiencing what life has to offer and creating some fabulous memories to last a lifetime.

The list is constantly evolving as I’m able to complete some challenges which take me to something else, am inspired by new ideas and suggestions, and see what others are doing. I don’t expect to ever conquer everything on it, but it’s a great thing to have to motivate me to try new things and complete challenges. It’s all about trying new things, learning new skills, and having a shed load of fun in the process. Although there are some more serious things on there too of course. It’s all about the experiences. Life is all about the journey after all.

Jetski - I really want one of my own!

By posting this here I’m hoping you will be able to help motivate me in long-term challenges, make suggestions of what else should be on my list, and help me with where I might be able to experience the things I’d like to do. Comment away!

Ideas always welcome!

Here’s the list >> My Big Things to Do List (Sept 2014)


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