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Dr’s Orders: “Flat, Wide, Soft Soled Shoes”

I’ve been having some trouble with my foot recently. I have a significant pain across my toes, down the outside of my foot and in my ankle. After a month of it getting more and more painful, and more and more stiff making it hard to walk on it, I gave in and went to

Giveaway: Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD

Wow what an interesting bunch of readers I have! You came up with some fantastic ideas for what you would make out of wood if you had the opportunity. I was impressed that only one of you said “a fire”!!! The winner of the Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD, selected at random from all

Review: Wooden Watches by JORD – Earth, Soil, Land

Do you wear a time piece on your wrist? With office life being dictated very much by the clock, a watch is a necessary element of corporate uniform. For many people it is much more than that – it is a fashion accessory, a statement, a piece of art. Most watch cases and straps are

Review: The North Face Thermoball Hoodie Jacket

I’ve been testing out some brand new technology from The North Face over the last couple of weeks. This is the Thermoball Hoodie Jacket – a light weight insulated jacket designed to keep you toasty warm whatever you are up to. I won’t lie. When this jacket arrived and I took it out of the

My OnePiece Onesie

I joined the OnePiece Brigade If you’ve been following me on twitter recently (and if not, why not?! Get yourself following @Splodz right away!), then you will know that I have given into one of today’s trends that absolutely divides the nation. That’s right, I now own a onesie. Not just any onesie I might

Review: The North Face Durango Hoodie

The North Face Durango Hoodie is a this-season soft shell outerwear jacket that offers some warmth and protection from rain, ideal for those in-between days when it’s not cold enough to need a hugely insulated coat but when you do still want to get moving. I received this particular one from Snow+Rock to try out.

#BEDN 29 > All I Want for Christmas

I had a big wish list type post in my head for today’s #BEDN topic – I was going to do a “luxury gift ideas” mood board that included all sorts of expensive I-can-dream kind of items. I started by searching for images of my chosen items… first up, an iconic pair of Christian Louboutin

#BEDN 20 > It’s Only Fashion Baby

Today I have one simple question for you. To Christmas Jumper or not Christmas Jumper?

Review: His ‘n’ Hers Merrell Proterra Sport Shoes

Merrell are well known for their wide range of outdoor footwear, suitable for all kinds of activities. Earlier in the summer they very kindly sent me and LincsGeek his n hers Proterra Sport shoes to try out. And yes, mine are pink and LincsGeek’s are blue… The Proterra Sport is part of Merrell’s M-Connect range,

Review: Vanish Oxi Action Powder

I’m clumsy. And messy. There aren’t many ladylike bones in my body. And so when it comes to my clothes, they generally get dirty very quickly. Especially the light coloured ones. I’m talking spaghetti bolognaise splatters, pen marks, tea splashes, you know the sort of thing. Obviously I get these things on my clothes when

Review: Kipling Alvar Shoulder Bag

In my family I am the shoes girl and my sister is the bags girl. I do have a selection of bags to choose from, but I have always gone for functional and even utilitarian over pretty and girly. This Kipling Alvar Shoulder Bag seemed the ideal choice when Bagable asked me to choose something

The Lew & Huey Riccardo Watch

This is a guest post written by my brother-in-law Bradley. Over the last couple of years I have become more and more interested in watches. What started as the appeal of having something nice looking on my wrist to tell the time became more of a fascination over how all the gears, wheels and springs

Review: The North Face Women’s GTD Long Sleeved Shirt

This is The North Face’s Women’s GTD Long Sleeved Shirt. It is a lightweight running top designed for comfort and protection. Mad from synthetic microfibre fabric it offers UV protection and promotes wicking to keep you cool and dry. I have been using mine for a spot of jogging over the last couple of weeks

My New Look Wish List

I often wonder if I’m getting too old for New Look, but each time I step inside the Lincoln store I spot tops, jumpers, dresses and (especially) shoes that I love. So hey, I guess I’m still young!  I spotted these new ankle boots the other day and decided I needed them, as often happens

Review: Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Original Walking Boots – in Pink!

I have never been a girly girl. I don’t remember ever doing the pink thing. My mum can probably confirm or un-confirm this, but I’m sure that I have always much preferred green or blue or brown or black to pink, and have always preferred getting out and about than painting my nails or wearing