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Currently Loving: September 2016

As you will have noticed I have had a few months off the monthly Currently Loving posts here on Splodz Blogz; I was away for three months then had a super busy month at work in August, and September has quite simply flown by. I did think I should start in October but I had

Dressing Gown & Sweets | Weekly Vlog 21

Are you enjoying my weekly vlogs? I’ve been dabbling in this YouTube thing for 21 weeks now and would really love to know what you think. Do let me know! And then watch the latest episode, featuring that lovely soft dressing gown of mine even more (I think I need another one so it at least

Review: Scoff Club – Subscription Sweets

I definitely seem to have some sort of reputation when it comes to sweets. I absolutely love sugary fruity citrus flavoured chewy or melty or crumbly candy. I just can’t help myself and my friends know it and I will often be gifted sweets over anything else. Even when there is a cupboard full of chocolate I can

Currently Loving: April 2016

Wow this year is going FAST! It could do with slowing down a little to be honest; I hope the next three months don’t go as quickly as the last three. But anyway, it might be a week late but welcome to my latest Currently Loving post, an opportunity for me to present ten of

Recipe: My Carrot Soup

I’m giving in to another recipe request here on Splodz Blogz. I hope my outdoor loving friends don’t mind too much – who doesn’t like a nice bowl of steaming soup when they come in from a great day on the trails? This is my home made carrot soup recipe, a firm favourite in our house that I’ve

Currently Loving: March 2016

Who doesn’t like having nice things? I’ve been really trying to reduce the amount of “stuff” I have cluttering up the place, but there is definitely still room in my life for good stuff and nice treats. So the currently loving blog series continues. Here are ten of the things I am enjoying right now.

Snacking for Pros – Energy Boosters Between Meals

Snacking has poor PR. We are constantly being told to stop it, stick with three healthy meals per day. For some, looking after our teeth, gut, muscles and mind is all about eating lean and clean. But I think snacking rocks. It’s awesome. Not only does it help bridge the gap between meals (I can’t

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 9

Ahhhhh the outdoors. Thanks everyone who took part in this week’s photo challenge, it was wonderful to see all your outdoor adventures over the last seven days (and historically, too). I hope you enjoyed this one – I think it’s the most entries so far so keep up the good work.  This week I’m going for

Recipe: Enough Veggie Chilli for a Week

There is something about leftovers that warms the heart. You put effort into a meal on one day, and the following day reap the benefit of your hard work with a quick stir of a wooden spoon in a pan or a whirr in the microwave. And the meal even tastes better on the second day. It’s brilliant.  Now

Currently Loving: February 2016

It’s the first Monday of the month so it must be time for me to talk “stuff”. Since Christmas I’ve been making a real effort at home to reduce the amount of “stuff” in my house, and have taken several bag fulls to my local charity shop. But there is still a place for nice things, especially

Recipe: Melt in the Mouth Rocky Road

This post is me keeping a promise made to some friends before Christmas, after a couple of successful batches of the simple sweet treat that is rocky road. If you’re not sure what this is, consider a pile of tasty treats coated in chocolate and left to set in the fridge – that’s basically it.

Currently Loving: January 2016

It’s the start of a new month and so time to think about things for a few moments before I go back to experiences for the rest of the time. The fact is we all like stuff; stuff is useful, it’s nice to have, and this post is simply my way of sharing some of