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Blogging is a Door – Thinking About Splodz Blogz

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Splodz Blogz. Over the last couple of months I’ve been considering quite carefully what it is, why I started it back in early 2010, and most importantly what I want to do with it. I’ve been asking questions of other bloggers and doing some research online about blogging

Engaging with your Followers on Twitter – a Lincs Tweet Meet Summary

A few weeks ago I was delighted to attend Lincs Tweet Meet at the Showroom in Lincoln to speak on good ways to engage with social media followers. It was a lovely early evening event – on the evening it was suggested that I summarised a few of my main points to share with anyone

I’m Claiming my Blog on Bloglovin

As you will no doubt be aware, Google Reader is going to be switched off in a couple of months time. As a blogger who has been encouraging you all to add me to your reader, citing Google Reader as the one I like to use, I find this a real shame. I’ve been doing

Review: McCain Home Chips

I get groceries delivered to my home regularly. I find shopping in a supermarket very stressful, and so I avoid it if possible. But even I can manage to survive Tesco or Sainsburys when I need just a couple of bits. So when the Tesco man came to my door last Monday evening I felt

Rock+Paper+Scissors – A New Crafterie in Lincoln

Last week a new cafe opened in Lincoln. A friend and I went to check it out at the end of the week and I think it’s fair to say we both fell in love with the place. Rock+Paper+Scissors is a “crafterie”, that is, a cafe, a place to do crafts, and a shop. Run

Weight Watchers: Back from Holiday

I made it clear in my last post about my Weight Watchers journey that I would not be counting while on holiday. For LincsGeek and I food on holiday is a very important part of the experience – we enjoy our food, enjoy eating out, enjoy finding a restaurant we love and going back to

Box Sets to Relax

I appear to have a new addiction. Last week I bought seasons one to five of The Big Bang Theory. I had some Tesco vouchers to use before they ran out and have had the box set on my wish list for a while, so I decided rather than buying something sensible that we needed

How Many Dressing Gowns?

Sometimes chatting online or via text or even on the phone isn’t enough. Sometimes friends just have to get together. So the other weekend I went to Southampton for tea. Yes that’s a 500 miles round trip, and yes that makes me just a little bit mad. Actually I only (only!) drove as far as Grays

We Will Remember Them

Today we stand together to remember. We spend time considering the human sacrifice of war. Wars past. And wars present. May we also do our best in our own lives to prevent human suffering tomorrow.

No-one Reported It

How easy is it to steal a bicycle? It’s a doddle. Especially when people ignore what is happening. In this experiment by Avon and Somerset Police, not only did passers-by fail to challenge the thief while the crime was being committed, but no-one reported the crime afterwards either. See the report on the BBC website. As

Playtime Tester – KEEN Bryce WP

My competition win earlier in the year entitled me to two pairs of KEEN shoes from the Spring/Summer range, and two from the Autumn/Winter range. Very thoughtful of KEEN – split up the prize so I a) had something to look forward to and b) could wait for their new releases before choosing all pairs. 

Blog Challenge: 5 Pretty Awesome Posts You Might’ve Missed

When you blog, posts soon get lost in the constant stream of content that gets added at the top each day. Posts that bloggers might be really proud of soon get shoved onto page two, page three, page fifteen. So Fuzzygalore (great motorcycle blogger) has set a blog challenge. Choose your five most awesome (in

The Second Verse

I think everyone noticed… two verses of our National Anthem were played at the start of the first event of London 2012 – the women’s football match between New Zealand and Team GB. And it seems we’ll be hearing two verses whenever it’s played (let’s hope that’s lots of times because we win lots of

Savvy Online Shopper Meme

I was tagged in another one of those meme things the other week (thanks Alison at Dragons and Fairy Dust)… I like to give them a go when I’m tagged, it’s interesting to think about the topics and compare my answers with other people’s. This time it’s about online shopping…  1. How often do you

White Tops = Stains

I only have to put on a white or cream top for it to get something on it. Pen, ice cream, tea, or just dirt, I’m just rubbish at keeping things clean. Maybe it’s because I’m an outdoors kind of girl at heart – a little bit of dirt doesn’t matter when you’re out walking