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Health & Fitness

On Being a Couch Potato

As someone who likes getting out into the countryside as often as possible, you may be forgiven for assuming that I spend my evenings and weekends getting fit, going on long hikes, planning tours and keeping busy. Erm. While I am very busy a lot of the time, what with my inability to choose one

Race for Life and my new Brooks Trainers

On Sunday I joined with thousands of other women from the area to take part in the Lincoln Race for Life at the Showground. I’d signed up earlier in the year to take part in the 10km fundraising event to do my bit for Cancer Research UK and also to encourage myself to go out

A Sensible Bucket List Item: Grow Your Own

Bucket list items don’t have to be adrenaline fuelled. Sometimes they can be totally sensible.   One such thing on my list is “grow and eat my own vegetables”. You know, plant something, grow it, harvest it, eat it.  I’ve always thought growing your own veg to be a skill that should be known by everyone. If there was

Ice Climbing in Covent Garden

I’ve tried climbing a few times before – always on one of those walls with all those different shaped pegs attached. I remember having to do as many climbs as possible in a few minutes for a corporate challenge day which totally wore me out, and playing about on a wall at Bovey Sands when

Inducted into the Box

If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll know that I have taken the plunge and I am now a fully inducted member of my local CrossFit box, CrossFit Witham in Lincoln. After all the encouragement I received following my blog post about my taster session, I have joined for one month to give me

Trying CrossFit

I think I’ve just about got over it now. On Sunday and Monday, and even Tuesday, the muscles down the inside of my thighs, across my stomach and chest, and under my arms especially. This made standing up and sitting down a bit on the painful side, and I’m not sure I did a very

Review: Evolution Chair

The leaflet that came with this product I’ve been sent to review says “thank you for joining the evolution“. What I have is the Evolution Chair; essentially a Swiss Ball exercise ball on casters designed to use as an office chair. I know people who sit on a Swiss Ball at work and I was

My Aloe Gel Experiment

About a month ago I wrote a short blog post telling you I had started drinking Forever Aloe Berry Nectar every day to see if it helped with my health – specifically my skin, digestive system and immune system. I have been told and have read lots of excellent things about this product, about how it

Aloe Gel from Forever Bella

Yesterday I started a bit of a health and well-being experiment. Encouraged by a good friend and lots of other people and information, I have started drinking a little Aloe Vera Gel in the morning when I get up in an attempt to look after my insides. Aloe Vera is known to be useful to

Review: Teva Freewheel Cycling Sneakers

If you’ve been reading Splodz Blogz for any time you will know that I love cycling, and this year have really been getting into the habit of commuting by bicycle to save sitting in the terrible Lincoln traffic as well as to get myself a bit fitter and healthier. I don’t have all the right

Review: Damart Sport Thermal Top

Over the last couple of weeks we have definitely noticed the temperatures start to drop. Actually today is much milder, but earlier in the week especially it was icy on the ground and you could see each breath clearly defined as you exhaled. This product I have been testing is the Damart Thermolactyle Ladies Long

The Bounce-o-Meter by Shock Absorber

Did you know you should be wearing a sports bra when you go walking and hiking? Or when you practice yoga? 35% of active women admit to never wearing a sports bra when exercising – and it could be leading to excessive “bounce” which may damage your breasts. Even women with small breasts should be wearing

Book Review: How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim

How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim is the second book by author Peter Jones – you may remember him from such blog posts as How To Do Everything AND Be Happy, a self-help book designed to help you change your life. This new book is very similar in its aim, but very specifically looks

Turns Out Giving Blood Isn’t That Bad!

When thinking about what challenge I was going to set myself for Britain’s Personal Best I made a decision to choose something that would be a real personal challenge, to do something that I was afraid of. There are quite a number of things that scare me, to be honest, but the two main ones

Review: Running Mat

Have you watched the latest series of Dragon’s Den? If so then you would have seen this product (series 11, episode 2). It is the Running Mat, a portable, waterproof and easy to clean exercise mat designed by Donna Kerr-Foley of No Lippy Boot Camp. Like Deborah Meaden on Dragon’s Den I am surprised this didn’t already