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Review: Watchbot 3.0 Security Web Cam

I’ve always joked with friends on Twitter that I’d love to be able to spy on my bunnies when I’m out to see what they get up to. I think, like many pet owners, I dream that they might have a double life like they do in cartoons. You know what I mean, right?! A

A Very Cute Ring Holder

Do you buy Easter eggs for your family and friends every year? How about in 2014 choosing a healthier alternative? Something still Easter related, but without all that sugar and all those calories? I’m not against Easter Eggs or chocolate in general (feel free to send some my way!), but something else might be money

Review: Airwick Colours of Nature Reed Diffuser

Air fresheners have taken on a much more “designer” look over the last couple of years. Sprays have turned into plug-ins have turned into wooden-effect puffs of scent. This new Airwick product is a reed diffuser with balls of strong fragrance to fill your room with a vibrant scent, and I have been sent one

Review: Pluck

Meet Pluck. Pluck is magical. Pluck will make your kitchen life so much easier. At least that’s what it says on the packet! This strange looking kitchen gadget is an egg separator. It is incredibly simple to use – crack your egg into a bowl, position Pluck over the yolk, squeeze and then release to

Gift Ideas from the BHS Christmas Shop

It might have been cyber Monday earlier this week, but there is still something about going into a real shop and doing your Christmas shopping the old fashioned touchy-feely way. And what better place to head than the BHS Christmas Shop? It’s one of those things that for me signals the start of the Christmas season, I

Review: Favourite Things Mug from Find me a Gift

How’s this for a fabulous present idea? It’s a personalised mug – but not only that – it’s been personalised with a list of my favourite things. So not only do I get a lovely cup of tea, but I also get to see a list of lots of things that make me smile. This

#BEDN 26 > Home Sweet Home

We have lived in our current house for just over two years now. And I love it. We eventually decided to move from our previous home to both cut down on the length of time we were spending in the car each day as well as to climb the property ladder just a little bit.

Review: Photo Gifts from Instajunction

Instajunction allows you to create all sorts of photo gifts from your Instagram photos – magnets, keyrings, calendars, coasters, you know the sort of thing. When I was asked to try the service out I was drawn to two things that looked quite unusual; a 15 x 15cm aluminium plate and some wrapping paper. Creating

#BEDN 25 > One Month Til Christmas

Have you clocked the date today? 25th November. That’s just one month until Christmas… are you ready?! There are already houses with their outside lights flashing away along one of the main roads we use regularly, most towns have had their big Christmas light switch on events, and the shops have been full of Christmas

Review: Light Switch Timer

We all know one excellent piece of police advice when we go away is to set an automatic timer on one or more lamps so it looks like there’s someone at home. We’ve been doing this for years, using a plug timer on a couple of mains powered lamps. This product review is for a

#BEDN 14 > Workspace – My Blogging Office

Want to see my blogging office? Well here it is… As you can see I am an iPad girl, with a bluetooth keyboard (thanks to Black Friday last year) to make things nice and easy and a very useful Spider Podium to give me a good view of my screen. I also have my phone

Review: Sprout Pencil

Sprout is a pencil that wants to be a plant when it grows up. This is an ordinary hard pencil suitable for writing and drawing that, once its life as a writing implement is over, can be planted and then eaten… That’s right – you cut down a tree to make a pencil, then grow

Review: Doormat from Flamingo Gifts

Which way around should a doormat go? With the design/text facing the person entering the house? Or facing me as I go and answer the door? Twitter seemed to give me a mixed response when I asked the other day – it seems to depend what is actually on the doormat; “welcome” quite obviously needs

Review: Ozeri Green Earth Wok

You might remember a little bit back I was sent a really nice lime green frying pan that boasted environmentally friendly credentials. I liked the green earth frying pan from Ozeri and have continued to use it regularly since I received it to review. This time I have the frying pan’s much larger cousin, a

Original Art from Saatchi Online

What do you have hanging above your fireplace? Anything? We don’t – the space is empty. It bothers me for some reason. Everyone else’s house I’ve been to has something lovely in that space; a large mirror, a beautiful photograph, a lovely painting. What you put in that focal point can really make the room