One Hour Outside | Final Thoughts

Back at the end of September, when I was sat at Ordnance Survey HQ being introduced to the world of map making (read about my visit), I practically spat my tea out when I was told that research showed that a huge percentage of people will not walk if it will take them more than

One Hour Outside | Week 4 Update

The week just gone has been an excellent example of why I set this One Hour Outside challenge and have made so much of it here on Splodz Blogz and on my social media feeds. It’s been dark, cold, wet, and pretty miserable outside, which really does test the motivation to get out and get some fresh

Climb Snowdon

The main activity when we headed over to Snowdonia for the Outdoor Bloggers weekend this year was to climb Snowdon. At 1,085 metres (3560 feet), Snowdon (or Yr Wyddfa to use its local name) is one of the three highest mountains in the UK, and is very popular thanks to both the beauty of the surroundings

One Hour Outside | Week 3 Update

After what was a rather splendid week of getting outside, this third week of my One Hour Outside challenge has proved a whole lot more difficult. I mean, I’ve done it – just – but it has been a real effort and not particularly photogenic.  This week sums up why my One Hour Outside campaign is important.

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 47 #SplodzWPC

Is it me, or was autumn the shortest season on record here in the UK. It seems like just yesterday I was commenting on the beautiful colours of the leaves, then we had a bit of a storm and all the leaves were on the ground rotting away. Boo! But I’m hoping that you might either have

One Hour Outside | Week 2 Update

Two weeks into November already – the time is FLYING by! I’ve been very fortunate to have a week off work this week, which has given me the freedom to take my One Hour Outside challenge a little further afield. But we’ve also had some horrible weather here – it’s turned very cold and has been quite

Review: Hi-Tec Equilibrio Bellini Low I Waterproof

Do you have a pair of “will do anything” shoes by your front door that you can slip on any day of the week and for pretty much any activity? Well that’s what these Hi-Tec Equilibrio walking shoes have become for me; that pair of shoes that acts as a “catch all” – jobs in the garden, walks on

Donna Nook 2016 – An Excuse to Share Cute Seal Pup Photos

Today I made my annual pilgrimage over to Donna Nook, a nature reserve on the east coast of Lincolnshire that boasts a grey seal colony. I wasn’t going to write a blog about it this year, but the fact is I can’t resist sharing a handful of the cute photos I took…  Grey seal pups at Donna Nook,

One Hour Outside | Week 1 Update

I have been completely overwhelmed with the interest that my One Hour Outside campaign has had over the last couple of weeks. It seems you think spending at least an hour outside every day in November is a good idea, and loads of you have been taking part, which is exactly what I hoped for. Thanks guys!  Country

Llyn Gwynant Campsite, Snowdonia

A couple of weekends ago I headed across the country to Snowdonia in Wales to spend a weekend camping, hiking and kayaking with a group of Outdoor Bloggers who’d responded to mine and Jenni’s desire to create a network of like minded writers here in the UK. We camped at the Llyn Gwynant campsite in the heart of

50 Things To Do Outside in November. #OneHourOutside

I couldn’t set you a challenge like One Hour Outside (#OneHourOutside) and not provide any kind of inspiration to help you get started. There are lots of these “things to do…” style posts around so I figured there was no harm in putting together one of my own. Naturally mine has an outdoors theme to

The Benefits of Getting Outside. #OneHourOutside

The fact that a quarter of people in the UK will not walk for more than 15 minutes at a time has really shocked me (read it here). I often say I’m a couch potato, I am very good at wasting time sat on my bum watching random stuff on the telly box, but 15 minutes walking is nothing