Weekend in Snowdonia | Splodz Blogz TV

I haven’t done this for a while, but here’s a vlog documenting the Outdoor Bloggers weekend in Snowdonia. I organised the weekend with Jenni from The Thrifty Magpies Nest because we wanted to combine our love of getting outside with a meet up for other people who profess to like the same things… we were joined by 17 bloggers

Map Geekery and Getting Outside

Did you know that a quarter of people in the UK feel that a 15 minute walk is too far and they will take the car instead? Wow. 15 minutes is too far to walk?! And… when 2,000 people from the UK took part in a survey, only 40% of them could put London in

Going to the Sun in Glacier National Park

Shivering with cold, soaked through to the skin and dripping water all over the floor, I asked the lady behind the counter in A&W for whatever was their most popular meal. I was so cold and wet that I had lost any ability to make basic decisions, and the happy lady and her work experience

Share Your Outdoors

This post combines a few things that I love… the outdoors, challenges and photography. Last week I got a little message from Lucy over at Paddle Peddle Pace (great blog if you’re looking for something new to read) to say she’d tagged me in an outdoor photography competition I just had to check it out. And this is

The Weird and Quite Wonderful Yellowstone National Park

Everyone has heard of Yellowstone National Park. The Old Faithful Geyser is one of those geological wonders that tourists travel from far and wide to see, and I am certain you will have seen a huge number of photographs of the plume of hot water and steam in magazines and on travel websites. We had

Get Out More Often – A Challenge for Today

What are you doing today? Are you at work? Stuck in the office until 6pm this evening? Are you in the car? On the train? Off to visit relatives? Travelling to a meeting? Maybe you’re at home with a huge list of household chores to get done (like me)? Go out and explore the woodland down the road.

Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

I woke up on this particular Thursday morning like a child waking on Christmas morning. Full of excitement and expectation on what the next few days would bring, I was ready to see scenery and features I had seen hundreds if not thousands of times in photographs. It was time to head into Yellowstone National

Review: Merrell Moab FST Gore-tex Walking Shoes

I recently received a pair of the new Merrell Moab FST walking shoes to try out. They arrived at a particularly good time. I decided at the end of our road trip over in North America that I should really replace my KEEN Bryce hiking shoes. In the four years I have had them I

Some Notes on my Favourite Hiking Boots

I love trying new kit, and have been very fortunate since I started this blog to have been asked to test out a variety of outdoors related gear. Generally speaking, I try out a garment or pair of hiking boots for around a month before I write about it here on Splodz Blogz; I don’t believe

A Wet Walk in Dovedale

After a few weeks of sunshine here in the UK it was kind of inevitable that the day I’d booked to go on a guided walk would be the day the rain decided to show. I’d been invited to attend a free guided walk over in Dovedale, Derbyshire and thought it looked fun. I’ve not been on

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 38 #SplodzWPC

We are moving fast into Autumn and so it is the season for muddy footpaths and jumping in puddles. So this week’s theme is particularly relevant…  Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 38 Theme: Muddy  I like to think that dirty hiking boots are happy hiking boots. What about you? And how about this for a muddy

A Casual Walk Up at the O2

Seeing a city from as high up as possible is definitely becoming a tradition in tourist attractions these days. New York has the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, and London has the Eye and the Shard. There is definite beauty in feeling like you are stood above everything else, looking down at tiny