Feeling Inspired to GetOutside

This whole GetOutside Champion thing is already proving to be a pretty fun and awesome project to be involved in. I mean, the other day I had a comment on facebook from an old School friend who said “I’ve just had an email from OS Leisure advertising their yearly subscription thingy, with a pic of

Currently Loving | February 2017

I have to admit that I found January a very long month. It seemed to go on forever. I know that wishing our lives away is not good, and certainly doesn’t fit in with my life is all about the journey mantra, but sometimes it’s good to keep moving forward! And with the turn of

Poem | The Boot Tree

My Dad is a super talented poet and I love to share his words when I can (read: Life is a Journey). He sent me this poem today as it goes with the first topic of my #SplodzFebPC photo challenge (hope you’re taking part) – boots. Here is “The Boot Tree”. The Boot Tree Now boots

I’m a GetOutside Champion!

In case you missed it over on instagram the other day (go follow me if you haven’t already; loads of lovely views), I have been chosen as an Ordnance Survey’s GetOutside Champion for 2017, something I am rather happy about. Enjoying the seals at Donna Nook. A GetOutside Champion, as I’m sure you’re wondering, is someone

Happy New Year from Splodz Blogz

Well good morning friends, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Don’t worry, this isn’t a long blog post about how, now the clock has ticked on and we write 2017 instead of 2016, we should all change our lives massively to become something new, different, more. Rather, this is a post in which I

Seventeen Life Changing Challenges for 2017 (Part One)

Do you like a challenge? Are you one to set yourself goals and challenges as the year rolls over from one to the next? Call them New Year’s Resolutions or anything else, some of us simply find setting targets and writing down our ambitions helpful. So I thought I would get you started by proposing

My Favourite Experiences of 2016

It’s time for something that has become an annual tradition at the end of the year here on Splodz Blogz – a roundup style end of series special of some of my highlights, my favourite experiences of the last 12 months. On Mam Tor for one of my favourite day hikes of the year. I’ve

Happy Christmas from Splodz Blogz

Christmas seems to have crept up on me this year. I mean, Christmas Day is one week today. Next Sunday. Oh.  Well okay it hasn’t really; I’ve known exactly what date it is, but the time has been so full and gone so fast that I am not ready. I managed to get some wrapping

One Hour Outside November 2016 | Final Thoughts

Back at the end of September, when I was sat at Ordnance Survey HQ being introduced to the world of map making (read about my visit), I practically spat my tea out when I was told that research showed that a huge percentage of people will not walk if it will take them more than

One Hour Outside November 2016 | Week 2 Update

Two weeks into November already – the time is FLYING by! I’ve been very fortunate to have a week off work this week, which has given me the freedom to take my One Hour Outside challenge a little further afield. But we’ve also had some horrible weather here – it’s turned very cold and has been quite

Currently Loving | October 2016

Ahhhh October, the month that Autumn really gets going making everything outside super colourful, but equally the month that the mornings and evenings grow darker and darker meaning I can’t see that beautiful colour most days. Anyway, time for my monthly favourites blog post, a chance for me to gather a few things together that I’m particularly enjoying

Currently Loving | September 2016

As you will have noticed I have had a few months off the monthly Currently Loving posts here on Splodz Blogz; I was away for three months then had a super busy month at work in August, and September has quite simply flown by. I did think I should start in October but I had