The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 43 #SplodzWPC

It’s been a little quiet on here for the last week for which I apologise; life has been a bit busy what with the Outdoor Bloggers weekend and work and everything else. It just means there hasn’t been any time left for putting words and pictures together for Splodz Blogz. Normal service will be resumed as

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 42 #SplodzWPC

Humans have pretty much taken over the planet, but there are still places where wildlife roam free and can go about their routine without being interrupted by us. This week I want to see your photos of “natural habitat” – yours, your pets, or in fact anything.  Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 42 Theme: Natural Habitat  

Share Your Outdoors

This post combines a few things that I love… the outdoors, challenges and photography. Last week I got a little message from Lucy over at Paddle Peddle Pace (great blog if you’re looking for something new to read) to say she’d tagged me in an outdoor photography competition I just had to check it out. And this is

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 41 #SplodzWPC

Is it bed time yet? I admit that I am SO shattered at the moment. My body and mind are tired and I have been trying to mitigate that in lots of ways. But the fact is that every morning I wake up looking forward to the evening, and those few minutes before I close

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 40 #SplodzWPC

Something that you might think is a bit tougher this week for our photo challenge… Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 40 Theme: Habitual   I guess after our week of reflection last week I wanted to make you think a little more. This year-long challenge was designed to give us inspiration for photography, I’m

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 39 #SplodzWPC

For some reason this week I have been feeling very pensive. Not down or sad, just very full of hope and wishes and thought. So naturally your photo theme for the current theme will follow that mood… Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 39 Theme: Reflections Maybe it’s because it is September and kids everywhere are starting

Currently Loving: September 2016

As you will have noticed I have had a few months off the monthly Currently Loving posts here on Splodz Blogz; I was away for three months then had a super busy month at work in August, and September has quite simply flown by. I did think I should start in October but I had

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 38 #SplodzWPC

We are moving fast into Autumn and so it is the season for muddy footpaths and jumping in puddles. So this week’s theme is particularly relevant…  Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 38 Theme: Muddy  I like to think that dirty hiking boots are happy hiking boots. What about you? And how about this for a muddy

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 37 #SplodzWPC

It’s “photo of the first day at School” week here in the UK – thousands of mums and dads getting a snap of their kid(s) standing tall outside their front door, posing in their shiny new School uniform. I don’t have kids, but I love the photos that are posted all over facebook and twitter

Thousands of Photos of Bees – Mayfields Lavender Farm

A couple of weekends ago we spent some time running up and down the lines of lavender at Mayfields Lavender, an organic lavender farm situated in the lovely North Surrey Hills. It’s not somewhere I’ve heard of before, in fact I thought all lavender in the UK was grown in Norfolk (!), but since I posted about it on Instagram

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 35 #SplodzWPC

Week 35? We’ve been doing this for a little while now haven’t we? I hope you are still enjoying the weekly themes. Would be great if you could share the idea with your friends this week – let’s get some more people involved in our little photography challenge. Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week

Sunflowers and Conservation at Vine House Farm, Lincolnshire

Getting outdoors and enjoying the countryside doesn’t have to include well-planned adventures or super human endurance efforts. It can be a simple day out at a local farm, learning about their business and getting a look behind the scenes. Living in Lincolnshire I am surrounded by fields that make up some of the most important