After the relative success of SplodzJanPC and SplodzFebPC, it’s now time for SplodzMarPC… I did think about having a break this month but when I asked twitter (because twitter always knows best) it was clear that wasn’t an option! So consider this your call to action – inspiration to take/share one photo a day every day in


It’s nearly the end of the month and, because lots of you seem to like the idea of my #SplodzJanPC photo a day challenge, I’m back with a new set of themes (and a new hashtag #SplodzFebPC) ready for February to start.  Thanks so much to everyone who has been joining in with my daily photo challenge this month. It’s been awesome


I promised you a new daily photo challenge for the New Year, and here it is… a few days early so you have a bit of time to prepare! #SplodzJanPC Splodz Blogz started (very nearly seven years ago now!) as a place for me to share my photo-a-day images with the world. I was encouraged

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 52 #SplodzWPC

That’s all folks, we’ve made our way all the way from week one through to week 52. And so this will be your last #SplodzWPC theme for the year. Thanks so much for joining in – did you take part every week?! I really hope you’ve enjoyed getting involved in this year-long photo project. This

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 50 #SplodzWPC

Have you decorated your house for the festive period yet? What a strange thing it is, putting a tree with shiny hanging things and flashing lights on in the corner of your living room. Some years I can’t wait to put mine up, others I’m really not that bothered and almost don’t see the point.

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 49 #SplodzWPC

Wow, December… that sneaked up on me somewhat I have to say. With all the concentration on my #OneHourOutside campaign in November (which you can still do this month, of course), I had no idea the days were ticking by quite so fast! But here we are, in the month of Advent and twinkly lights and

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 47 #SplodzWPC

Is it me, or was autumn the shortest season on record here in the UK. It seems like just yesterday I was commenting on the beautiful colours of the leaves, then we had a bit of a storm and all the leaves were on the ground rotting away. Boo! But I’m hoping that you might either have

One Hour Outside November 2016 | Week 2 Update

Two weeks into November already – the time is FLYING by! I’ve been very fortunate to have a week off work this week, which has given me the freedom to take my One Hour Outside challenge a little further afield. But we’ve also had some horrible weather here – it’s turned very cold and has been quite

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 46 #SplodzWPC

Autumn is in full swing, the clocks have changed, and the temperature is getting colder and colder. We have had a few heavy ground frosts this week, and if you’re in Lincolnshire like me that means you can expect fog in the mornings until the sun can burn off the moisture and clear up the

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 45 #SplodzWPC

Thanks for your all your darkness photos last week, there were some fab shots. This week we going to talk about things that are the opposite; let’s do bright and light and happy and jolly! Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 45 Theme: Bright Light It’s good to think about the darkness, but let’s concentrate

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 43 #SplodzWPC

It’s been a little quiet on here for the last week for which I apologise; life has been a bit busy what with the Outdoor Bloggers weekend and work and everything else. It just means there hasn’t been any time left for putting words and pictures together for Splodz Blogz. Normal service will be resumed as

The Splodz Blogz Photo Challenge | Week 42 #SplodzWPC

Humans have pretty much taken over the planet, but there are still places where wildlife roam free and can go about their routine without being interrupted by us. This week I want to see your photos of “natural habitat” – yours, your pets, or in fact anything.  Check out #SplodzWPC on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Week 42 Theme: Natural Habitat