Weekly Vlog Episode 3

It’s that time of the week again – here’s another episode of my life in video for you to (hopefully) enjoy. This week I did remember to film a lot more but there wasn’t really that much going on… I have introduced bunny cam thanks to requests from some of my friends, though, and I

Sleep Well Chocolate Bunny x

I am very sad to post that our gorgeous little Chocolate died this morning.  At six-and-a-half she was considered old but not in my eyes. Sleep well little bunny. Your cuddles and escapades will be greatly missed.

#BEDN 5 > Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November… you all know the rhyme. The notes with today’s subject tell us to share what we are doing this evening for Guy Fawkes night. Well to be honest my main job this evening will be to finish packing my suitcase as we’re off to the airport straight from work

My Bunnies Will Want a Bed!

I haven’t published a bunny-related post for a little while, which is very remiss of me! I actually tweeted the link to this video the other day but it is so adorable I had to share it again… [iframe src=”http://spreaditfast.com/iframes/hotels1-video-480×295-zTBmxYtd.html” width=”580″ height=”320″] Can you imagine if Chocolate and Ginger were let loose in an Ibis

Snap Happy: 26th September

Early – One of the things I do every morning is spend a little bit of time with these two critters. This morning it was about 6.45am for ten minutes or so – they were very grateful we had broccoli with our dinner last night, they reckon the stalks are the best bit!

Monster Pet Supplies

Chocolate and Ginger were two very lucky bunnies when Monster Pet Supplies sent them a box of goodies to test out for Splodz Blogz. They’re not used to getting their own post and weren’t quite sure what to do with it… so they asked me to open it and let them have the contents little

My Bunnies Have Hay Fever

I am one of many people who keep rabbits as pets… they are in fact one of the nation’s favourite domestic animals. Well they are soooo cute! But like dogs and cats, the RSPCA are seeing a large number of pet rabbits end up in their care and needing treatment and foster homes – because

Pet Shop Bowl

My bunnies are two creatures of habit. So am I. They have eaten the same pellet food for the last few years, and I have always purchased it from my local Pets At Home. I go once a month or so to buy Burgess Excel pellets, hay, and of course a few treats. I am

Snap Happy BritMums: 12th May

KISSING – Not quite kissing but definitely hugging, and they do groom each other which I say counts! Use the tag SnapHappyBritMums here on Splodz Blogz to find all the photos from May.

Snap Happy BritMums: 6th May

View from Above – Chocolate having a morning snack Use the tag SnapHappyBritMums here on Splodz Blogz to find all the photos from May.

Chocolate and Instagram

It’s perhaps one of those iOS apps you either love or hate. I’ve been using instagram on my iPhone for a while now and I’m in the love camp – I like how you can easily crop and add filters to your photos and share them on twitter and Facebook. I also like how other instagram

Year in Photos (23 Dec 11) – Fuzzy Bunny

Popped to the farm shop earlier for supplies – not for us but for the bunnies!  They were very pleased with what they got, especially the big pile of fresh parsley I gave them straight away.  Chocolate didn’t really sit still enough for a photo but I quite like this slightly fuzzy photo. 23/12/11: Chocolate