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Things to Do

What’s Your Living Room Talent?

According to an article I read recently, one of the top things people regret never doing is mastering an awesome party trick. You know the sort of silly thing I’m talking about – an impression, a magic trick, being able to contort your body into some weird shape, spinning a plate on your finger…  …then Maltesers emailed me to tell

Calling all Lincolnshire Musicians – Performance and World Record Attempt!

Ever fancied playing a piece of music with 1,500 people? SoundLincs, who are celebrating their 15th birthday this year, are arranging the opportunity to do just that – the B15 project are looking for enthusiastic musicians and singers of all ages, traditions, interests and abilities to take part in a unique record breaking event. B15 is

Some Goals and Challenges for 2014

Now that 2014 is well under way I thought it was about time that I gave some real thought to what my goals for the year should be. The reason I am doing this now is because I have been incredibly inspired by a few people I follow on twitter. Inspired to consider what my

Tips for Holidaying in Ruka, Finland

Having been to Ruka twice (read my travel posts here, here and here), and knowing that we will be going back sometime, I thought I’d share a handful of tips for having a great winter holiday in the resort. Be prepared with lots of layers. This year we doubled up on thermal base layers and

Ruka for the Second Time

Have you ever enjoyed a holiday so much that you decide to do it all over again? That’s what we decided to do for our ski holiday this season – same country, same resort, same hotel, same week just one year later. Ruka in Finland had such an effect on us that we had no

Cycling LEJOG in the Spare Room

Earlier in the week I read an article over on the Berghaus website written by The Next Challenge, encouraging people to have a micro adventure in January. The three suggestions were swim the channel, climb Everest or cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Cycle LEJOG you say? Hmmm. I tweeted the article and then pretty much instantly

A Spontaneous Weekend

I received an email earlier in the week from Lastminute.com with a little challenge… they asked me to write a blog post about the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Yea I know they asked with the motive of me promoting something they’ve got going on at the moment (more on that at the end),

#BEDN 7 > 10 Things

Today is a list day on BEDN – right up my street! We’ve not been given any particular topic, but have simply been asked to share 10 things. I have turned to my things to do list, something I started a good few years ago now to motivate me to try new things and set

Four Simple Goals Before 2014

I was inspired earlier in the week by A Beautiful Mess (a really lovely blog you should definitely be reading) and the Four Simple Goals Before 2014 challenge. You all know I love a list and a challenge, but this one is different. It is not a competition, or meant to be full of big massive

Turns Out Giving Blood Isn’t That Bad!

When thinking about what challenge I was going to set myself for Britain’s Personal Best I made a decision to choose something that would be a real personal challenge, to do something that I was afraid of. There are quite a number of things that scare me, to be honest, but the two main ones

Defeated by Spires and Steeples 2013

Today I have mostly been sat on my sofa, nursing sore knees and a sore back, moping a bit. Yesterday was the annual Spires and Steeples Challenge, a fantastic local running and walking event taking people from Lincoln to Sleaford via lots of lovely Lincolnshire villages along riverside paths, through farms, along country lanes and

I Actually Rode a Horse!

A couple of weeks ago I introduced Britain’s Personal Best here on Splodz Blogz; a scheme aiming to recapture the motivation created by London 2012 by encouraging us to challenge ourselves. My personal challenge, the thing that Britain’s Personal Best inspired me to do, was to ride a horse. Relatively simple compared to many of

Britain’s Personal Best – What’s Yours?

A few weeks back I came across Britain’s Personal Best, and straight away I knew I wanted to be involved. It brings together my love of challenges with that inspiration and motivation London 2012 encouraged. It is an opportunity, an excuse, to set yourself a personal challenge. It could be something absolutely huge that would

Some To Do List Additions

A few weeks ago I posted on twitter and facebook asking for to do list inspiration. I felt like giving my list a bit of an update – it’s time to add some things to it to give me new motivation. And (naturally) you didn’t disappoint! I already had some notes things I’ve thought of

A Things to Do Update

My big list of things to do came about a few years ago for the simple reason that I wanted to make plans to do lots of interesting things before I was 30, and beyond. I love lists, and love trying new things, and so I wrote everything down so I could make good on