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The Graham Homes Memorial Motorcycle Ride

Unless you are very new to Splodz Blogz you will know all about the Graham Homes Memorial Ride. I didn’t post much about on it here because I set up a special blog to document the challenge properly, but I realise that it has been remiss of me not to share any of my thoughts

Tips for Holidaying in Ruka, Finland

Having been to Ruka twice (read my travel posts here, here and here), and knowing that we will be going back sometime, I thought I’d share a handful of tips for having a great winter holiday in the resort. Be prepared with lots of layers. This year we doubled up on thermal base layers and

Ruka for the Second Time

Have you ever enjoyed a holiday so much that you decide to do it all over again? That’s what we decided to do for our ski holiday this season – same country, same resort, same hotel, same week just one year later. Ruka in Finland had such an effect on us that we had no

Tips for a First Timer in New York

After our recent trip to the Big Apple (read my travel post here) I have been asked by so many people what my tips are for visiting New York. It seems all my friends and family have trips to New York planned for the very near future! Having only visited once I am in no

A First Timer in New York

New York is one of those bucket list destinations that everyone I know either wants to go to or has already been and wants to go back. There is something about The Big Apple that draws you in: its size, its romance, its culture, its food, its shopping. It might only be seven hours on

#BEDN 22 > Leaving on a Jet Plane – Travel Wish List

Today’s BEDN is all about travel. I’ve been a very lucky girl recently – we’ve done quite a bit (although not anything like some people I know – my friend Tara is in Vietnam at the moment). In the last just-over-a-year we’ve been to Florida, Finland and New York (and all over Great Britain too),

A Spontaneous Weekend

I received an email earlier in the week from Lastminute.com with a little challenge… they asked me to write a blog post about the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Yea I know they asked with the motive of me promoting something they’ve got going on at the moment (more on that at the end),

#BEDN 12 > Your Hometown – Lincoln

“Where are you from” has been a bit of a difficult question for me to answer in the past. Due to my mum and dad’s work, I lived in several different towns before I was 17 – giving me a mixed British accent and meaning that actually I didn’t have an answer to that question.

#BEDN 8 > Day in the Life

What is a typical Friday like for you? Is it a normal working day involving an early alarm call? Do you have a Friday lunch time routine that is different to any other day of the week? Maybe it’s pub-straight-from-the-office day? Today’s prompt asks BEDN bloggers to share what a day in our life is

Lincolnshire Sausage Festival and Food and Farming Festival

The Bailgate area of Lincoln had a really great atmosphere today – the Lincolnshire Sausage Festival and Food and Farming Festival were both taking place in the Castle and Cathedral grounds. The smells were amazing – local farmers and related organisations of all kinds set up stands to sell their wares and promote their businesses.

Lincoln Launches Hirebike Scheme

Yesterday I took part in the launch of the new Hirebike scheme in Lincoln. The initiative, which is part of the AccessLN6 project, is designed to encourage the use of sustainable transport in Lincoln. The orange bikes are available to members of the public to hire from six (soon to be eight) locations across the

Review: The North Face Base Camp Duffel Large

In this bag I have packed… three thick ski coats, two ski pants, two ski helmets, two pairs of ski goggles, twelve pairs of ski socks, all my base layers and thermals, a couple of micro fleeces, a handful of t-shirts, a hoodie, and a pair of skate shoes. And there is still room for

A Not-So-Good Night at Premier Inn MK

It’s 7.30am (well it’s not right now, but it was when I started to write this!) and I’m sat on my bed in the Premier Inn Milton Keynes Central discussing with LincsGeek about their “Good Night Guarantee”. We have not had a good sleep. Local residents or just some random blokes in a car or

Road Trip to Norfolk to See the Sea

Next year I will be undertaking one massive road trip – a trip of a life time – riding through some of the most iconic places in America on a Harley Davidson motorbike. I can’t wait. Really. It is going to be such an amazing experience. But it is, of course, possible to have a fantastic

Commuting by Bicycle

At the beginning of July, roadworks on a set of major junctions and a bridge between our house and work began. Lasting an expected 20 weeks, the works promises much disruption to our 15-20 minute commute, including right turn bans, road closures, temporary traffic lights, and all the other things associated with massive highways projects.