Food Habits Documented

Ok so I struggle with food. I like it too much! So two friends challenged me to blog a food diary to try and show what I eat and help me sort out what I eat.

Basically I’m wanting to lose just a few pounds – last year I put on some weight and my jeans and work trousers are really too tight and it makes sense to try to lose what I put on rather than buy lots of new clothes. I would like to be back to normal by the time I go to Center Parcs at the end of May – which is in theory possible.

If you have any comments/suggestions please feel free to post them. I know the rules, I know what is and isn’t healthy, I just need to change my habits. My plan is to be good Sunday-Friday tea time and not worry so much Friday night/Saturday (Saturday is take-away night afterall) but not be stupid.  I’m not really on a diet, just trying to sort out my eating habits.

So I’ve added a page and I’m gonna do my best to be honest. Gonna need encouragement to keep it updated!

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