Reviews Coming Up…

Following my post a few days ago about wanting to do product reviews I have been in contact with a number of companies about sampling products and writing on this blog about them.

I have already written a review for Quext ( and this week have received two fabulous parcels from companies I chat with on Twitter – Feel Good Drinks and American Soda.

The parcel from Feel Good Drinks was a case of 12 of their drinks, 2 each of 6 flavours.  I took the Cloudy Lemon Juice Drink – a still one (which I have never tried before) to work today and have to admit I enjoyed every sip.

Feel Good Drinks - Review Coming Soon

And the parcel from American Soda was a selection of five products from the US (which I chose) which they import for people in the UK, including some A1 Steak Sauce.  This text on the label made me smile:

American Soda Products - Review Coming Soon

Both these reviews will be on Splodz Blogz in a week or so… just as soon as I’ve tried all the products/flavours.

If anyone else is interested in helping me turn this blog into a great review site, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.  I’m happy to try most things!  You can see more about the sorts of things I do/am interested in on this post: and can email me if you have a suggestion you would rather not post in a comment below.

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