Year in Photos (16 Apr 2010)

I had a great gadgety delivery today… a competition win… it was a sodastream machine!!

Do you remember those?  I didn’t realise they were still around until recently when I started chatting with the company on Twitter (@sodastreamuk).  They have been running a competition every Friday for the last few weeks, and a couple of weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners.  My prize – a G100 Sodastream Drinks Maker:)

I finally got it out of the box at 10.30pm this evening and so haven’t really had a chance to test it yet.  It’s not dissimilar to the one I remember we had at home when I was growing up – I specifically remember that one in our kitchen in Devonport, but assume we had it before and after then – it was two shades of brown.  It’s quite neat, and came with the required gas bottle and also a bottle of lemonade syrup so I could start making drinks straight away.  I also got a sample pack of 12 flavours from Lakeland to go with my new toy.

So it’s sat on my kitchen worktop, although I don’t think it’ll live there (my kitchen just isn’t big enough).  I’m looking forward to giving it a proper test very soon, although I can tell you the fizz bit definitely works!

Friday 16th April 2010

16/04/10: Let’s get busy with the fizzy!

Here is a shot of the drinks maker from the side. It’s quite a neat little gadget:

Sodastream Drinks Maker
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