Whirly Word Record?

Back in August I blogged about Whirly Word, a iPhone app word game by Mighty Mighty Good Games.  You should read it and download the app coz it’s really good and very addictive.

Well this game has become very popular in my house and amongst my friends.  My husband has just finished a game – not because he couldn’t do it but because he’s moved from his iPod touch to a new iPhone 4 – with a score that I’m pretty jealous of…

So… here’s the challenge. Can you beat him? Your target is 31,190 total points, 1,257 total words and 122 puzzles solved.  If you’re not sure of your scores go to “Records” on the home screen of the app and it’ll tell you in three tabs.  If you can beat him comment below with your scores!!

The only problem is that because the app has a limited number of puzzles they keep being repeated which means the game has a limited life.  It would be great to see an update with more puzzles!  Are you there app developers?

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