Clash of the Comics – Walkers Crisps

Every year Walkers crisps do something to raise money for Comic Relief.

Have you seen this year’s effort yet?

Four comedians have joined forces with Walkers to sell their own new flavours and raise money for Comic Relief.  Stephen Fry, Al Murray, Frank Skinner and Jimmy car have each got a flavour and are battling to see who can raise the most by Red Nose Day.

Walkers sent me some of each flavour to try (mmmm crisps) so I could tell Splodz Blogz readers which comedian I “support” and which flavour I think might win…

The four flavours are Stephen Fry Up (Stephen Fry), Steak and Al Pie (Al Murray), Frank Roast Dinner (Frank Skinner) and Jimmy con Carrne (Jimmy Carr) – please don’t tell me that the comedians actually came up with their own flavours and names??  Anyway, over a week or so I tried each of the four flavours.

To be completely honest when I buy crisps (and I lurve crisps) I tend to go for the traditional flavours – ready salted (great with/in sandwiches), salt and vinegar (hits the spot any day of the week) or cheese and onion (only if I’ve got no meetings in the afternoon).  But I do also like flavoured crisps.  Let’s face it, I’m just not fussy when it comes to potato chips.  Being “limited edition” flavours I was a little nervous trying these, but I did like.

Here’s my order of preference:

4) Jimmy Con Carrne

I don’t think poor Jimmy had a chance with me here really.  I’m not the biggest fan of chilli and the idea of a chilli flavoured crisp didn’t appeal.  They weren’t too bad, but reminded me of the tomato ketchup crisps I used to have occasionally when I was a kid – and I didn’t really like them either.  You’re a funny bloke Jimmy Carr but you’re at the bottom of the pile this time I’m afraid.

3) Frank Roast Dinner

I love the idea of these crisps but I’m sad to say the flavour didn’t hit the spot for me.  Shame.  They’re nice enough, just didn’t meet my expectations.  A tarted up version of standard chicken crisps I thought, just not enough for me – you can’t match a roast dinner for real.

2) Stephen Fry Up

Bacon and egg in a crisps?  Oh yes!  Gorgeous!  And these were just so right with a cuppa in the middle of the morning (I won’t allow myself crisps before 10am!!).  These were very nearly the winner in my eyes, but in the end Stephen Fry was just pipped at the post by…

1) Steak & Al Pie

Mmm pie and chips.  Beautiful British food hey Al?  I thought the flavouring of these was just perfect – ok so it’s not quite the same as eating a hot fluffy steak pie, but the taste was just about there.  My favourite of the four, Al Murray to win!  Now I really must go and watch my Al Murray DVD I got for Christmas and haven’t had time to see yet!

The idea of course, is that you go out and buy your favourite flavour and eat lots of them (keeping your diet varied of course!), and total sales will be totted up – the comedian who sells the most of their crisps will win.  Each pack you buy adds 5p to the total donation from Walkers to Red Nose Day.

Oh and I should mention, the three losing comedians face a suitable forfeit on Red Nose Day… getting a body wax from a mystery celebrity!  So who don’t you want to see that happen too?

Whichever flavour you prefer, Comic Relief is a good cause so at least there will be some guilt free snacking between now and 18th March.  Enjoy… and tell me below which is your favourite flavour.

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