RAW – Rabbit Awareness Week

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week (23rd to 29th May 2011) and as someone who has two happy bunnies living in the garden I thought it was a good reason (or excuse) to write about them on Splodz Blogz.

The focus this year is the behavioural well-being of pet rabbits.  The RSPCA say that many people just keep their rabbits in a hutch, so they never actually see the type of amazing behaviours that rabbits get up to, given enough space and things to keep them entertained.  Take a look at this promo video made up of loads of clips of bunnies having fun sent into the RSPCA and RAW.

Thankfully Chocolate and Ginger have a really massive hutch and run and get out into the garden as much as possible… I try to do everything right by them and they show their appreciation by being playful bunnies.  Here’s a couploe of videos of mine having fun outside (while I’m doing my bit and giving their hutch a good clean!).

Visit the RAW website for information on how to keep bunnies happy and healthy as well as details of what’s on to celebrate Rabbit Awareness Week.

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