Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

I am lucky in that I get sent products to test and review for Splodz Blogz.  However this time I thought I’d review what is probably my favourite facial skincare product at the moment – one that I spend my own money on regularly.  It’s Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator.

I use the Liz Earle cleanse, tone and moisturise routine daily and find it suits my skin perfectly.  It’s taken me some time to find the right range of products for my skin (and a lot of trial and error), and while I’m more than happy to give other products a go, so far I have always come back to Liz Earle.  I use the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, and the Skin Repair Moisturiser (the light version).  It’s not a cheap skincare routine but it’s one I find works for me.

As part of that routine I have found an exfoliator that I really love.  It’s light in texture and contains (as you might expect) tiny little granuals that help clean your skin really deeply.  It’s great for blocked pores, blackheads and congested or flaky skin – and if you know me you know I have problems like those!  It’s all about gently exfoliating to buff away dead skin cells and impurities for smoother, clearer skin.

The main reason I like using this product?  It’s not just the end result – it’s also about that smell when you start to apply it to your face.  The eucalyptus (which is there to purify) just smells fresh and clean and helps make your skin feel tighter and cleaner.  The jojoba beads are really tiny, like grains of sand, meaning they get right in the corners of your face and leave your skin lighter and brighter.  And the cocoa butter based cream is soft and moisturises, giving skin a smooth finish.

This isn’t a daily use product, of course, but used a couple of times a week I feel it really makes a difference.  Personally I prefer to use it in the shower – the warm water from the shower makes rinsing my face really easy, and once my poors are open they lap up the steam from the shower cleansing them even more.  Used after a tough workout it’s even better, there is nothing that makes my face feel cleaner.

At £12.50 for 70ml bottle this product is not cheap, but the pump bottle dispenses just the right amount with one press, meaning there is no wastage.  If you’ve never tried Liz Earle, whether you have a skincare routine that you like or not, I would recommend you give this Gentle Face Exfoliator a try.

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