MoonWalk in 20 Weeks

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A little while ago I signed up to do the 2012 London MoonWalk. I wrote about it here. It  is a marathon power walk to raise money for brest cancer charities run by Walk the Walk.

I received my welcome pack this afternoon. It contains lots of information about the charity and power walking. Oh and a training plan… And now I’m scared!  Not least about doing this marathon in a bra!!!!  But also at the suggested 14 minute miles.

I’ve declared 2012 as my year of getting outdoors.  I love being outdoors – and really enjoy walking – and this challenge should help encourage me to get out there and enjoy what the outside has to offer.  It’s just one of the things I have planned. But more of that in the new year.

Of course taking part in this event isn’t just a personal challenge of fitness and stamina (and it will be that!). This is also about raising money for charity. Walk the Walk raises money for vital breast cancer causes, granting funds to projects large and small. There’s more information here:

I’ve set my target at what I think is a very achievable £250… Fancy helping me out? I’d absolutely love it if you would visit my fundraising page.

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