Valentine's Chocolates by Hotel Chocolat

What do you do to spoil your other half on St Valentine’s Day? Flowers? Just a card? Nothing?  Well that’s ok… we each have our own ways of doing things on what is supposed to be the most loved up day of the year don’t we?

Whatever you think of the day itself, the tradition seems to be that a man should buy their lady at least a box of chocolates.  As you might expect, Hotel Chocolat have brought out a range of chocolate gifts to help you spoil your loved one on 14th February.  And they very kindly sent me a box of The Sleekster Love Collection to try on your behalf.

This box of chocolates is full of individual bite sized filled chocolate cases in the shape of hearts, lips and spheres – very pretty mix of decorated dark, milk and white chocolate.  Inside the cases you find champagne and cherry, blackcurrant and strawberry, caramel, chilli, and many others.  You won’t find any bitter coffee in this box, just gorgeous soft centres that melt in the mouth, something for everyone.

I love the look of this box of chocolates – what a lovely use of colour, it really does invite you in.  There are two of each of the chocolates so you and your other half can share properly (I know how difficult it is to share a box of chocolates!).  I really enjoyed taking photos of the chocolates because they looked quite beautiful.

My husband did comment that he found the chocolate cases a little brittle so if you chose to bite into one (rather than shoving the whole thing in your mouth at once) it might split up and make a mess.  Oh well!!  But the taste, well we couldn’t fault them.  Some were nicer than others, obviously, because different people like different centres.  I liked the really fruity ones the best, where Hotel Chocolat had used blackcurrent or cherry or something like that, those ones were really fresh and had a real zing.  We had friends over and they “helped us out” with them and they agreed that these tasted good.

I’m not sure these chocolates have persuaded my husband and I to actually mark St Valentine’s Day this year, but they are some of the nicest chocolates of this type I’ve eaten for a very long time and I will be looking to Hotel Chocolat whenever the need for a box of chocolate loveliness arises.

This box costs £22 and for that you get 26 bite sized chocolates.  You can find a full range of Valentine’s Day Gifts on the Hotel Chocolat website.

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