McDonald’s Strawberry Milkshake – First Taste!

Today I had my first McDonald’s milkshake. That’s first as in ever, in my life.

What I actually wanted an Orange and Raspberry Cooler from Costa Coffee – my current favourite iced drink because it tastes like sherbet. Unfortunately the queue at the counter was really long and after standing there for a few minutes in which time nobody had received any drinks at all (why are these places always understaffed?!), I decided I’d join my sister in the queue for McDonald’s instead. She had her favourite, a banana milkshake. I wondered… Would a McDonald’s milkshake do the trick? And then I heard myself say it – “strawberry milkshake please”.

I’m not sure why I’ve never had one to be honest. I love milkshakes so it’s not that. I do remember hearing once that McDonald’s ice cream is made mostly of oil, which made me feel quite sick at the time. I admit that hasn’t put me off McFlurrys, although I’ve not had one of those for ages either. I guess whenever I’ve been to McDonald’s, which isnt very often because they don’t serve the most nutritious of dinner choices, it’s been for a meal with which I want a drink like Coke or Sprite that will actually quench my thirst and help suppress the inevitable indigestion.

Anyway, I went and sat down with my order, sunk a straw into the cup, took the obligatory photo and posted it on instagram (as you do…), and took a sip.

“Sip” really isn’t the right word is it? And “thick” just doesn’t do the consistency justice. Less of a drink, more of an ice cream sundae in a cup. It would have sat tall and proud in a cone like a Mr Whippy ice cream – it just needed a flake. A straw with a spoon on the end would have been more helpful.

After a few minutes though it became drinkable without risking my eyes popping out of my head. And I have to say, it was rather tasty. A good strawberry flavour and creamy from the ice cream. Thankfully there was no oily taste which was a relief. I was happy with my choice, I enjoyed it. I did wonder if I’d be able to move afterwards – I could feel the fat attaching itself to my thighs and my arteries clogging up. But hey, this was a treat and since when did I worry about calorie counting? (By the way, a medium strawberry milkshake is 380 calories…)

My first taste of a McDonald’s milkshake was a good one, I’m glad I’ve finally taken the plunge. I can kind of see why people tell me often that it’s the best thing the fast food chain serves. For me personally that accolade is still with their Hot Apple Pie, but I can certainly see why people like them. As for whether a McDonald’s milkshake will become my new guilty pleasure? I don’t think I’ll be partaking in this particular drink very regularly – I much prefer a milkshake made with whole milk and ice cream from Eskimoos in Lincoln. Equally as if not more fatty I’m sure, but far superior in flavour and made to order rather than in a machine with powder. I think I’m a milkshake snob.

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