Dr Beckmann Cleaning Products

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Washing dishes and clothes are two chores we all have to do. Rubbish! I was sent some Dr Beckmann and ACDO laundry and dish washing products to try out that are designed to help out.

Dr Beckman Cleaning Products

ACDO Dishwasher Tabs

I try and buy good quality dishwasher tablets as I feel these will wash my dishes better than cheaper products. And in the main I think I’m right – you get what you pay for. But I was surprised with these. Designed to dissolve quickly, they seem to give me as good cleaning as the basic Fairy or Finish tabs I normally purchase.

I can honestly say I was never disappointed with the cleaning ability of these tablets – nothing had to go back in for a second wash or be soaked. So maybe I should spend less on dishwasher tablets from now on!

ACDO Dishwasher Tabs

Dr Beckmann Stain Remover

Dr Beckmann Stain Remover

These look like big white teabags. You put one in the wash with any clothing that needs stain removal and it works with your washing powder to give your clothes a really good clean. Clothes often get little marks on them (you know, spag bol, pasta sauce, gravy) and normally I would treat these with something like Vanish (I’ve mentioned this before on here). I used one of these in a white wash where one item had a mark on it and the rest of the clothes were fine; it worked really well with the mark disappearing and the rest of my whites even brightening up a bit. At the end of the wash you remove the now-empty sachet and chuck it away. Really simple and easy to use, these are ideal for keeping  in your cupboard for those oops moments!

Dr Beckmann Stain Devils

These little bottles of liquid are designed to spot-treat specific stains. There’s a whole range of them, but I was sent the ones for tomato based foods, felt-tip pen, mud and make-up – called the “kids stains kit”. You know the drill, you draw on your white shirt, fall over in the park and graze your knee, or splatter tikka masala over your top. Take out the relevant bottle and dab the liquid onto the stain, drying off as you go. You should see the stain disappear.

When I tried the relevant bottle on ballpoint pen it didn’t work first time, it was two or three applications, but it did remove the stain (from the middle of my tshirt!) and meant I could continue to wear the top rather than discarding it into the rag pile. Obviously stain removal is much easier if you treat it straight away, so I will be keeping these three in my laundry cupboard just in case.

Dr Beckmann Stain Devils

Thanks Dr Beckmann for sending me these laundry helpers to try out. I am impressed with the quality and it is a brand I will now look at more carefully when doing my shopping.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products so I could try them and let you know about them. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result.

  1. steve m

    I always go for the proper cheapo tablets, hard to notice a difference in performance and the price gap to branded ones is crazy.

    Rinseaid goes a long way to avoiding cloudy glasses and saving you having to manually dry stuff after a wash too!

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