Brasher Hillmaster Socks

Socks, I have learnt over the last few years, are as important as good quality footwear. They help support, protect and cushion your feet while you walk, run or do pretty much anything else.

Brasher recently sent out a really interested direct mail to its customers. I generally take those sort of mailings with a pinch of salt – I mean, Brasher were doing it to try and sell their socks after all, but it was actually really interesting:

Did you know?

On average you walk 10,000 steps a day, that is approximately 5 miles. Just imagine how many steps you take when enjoying a walk in the great outdoors. Every step creates impact on your feet on every step.

Did you know, you have 250,000 sweat glands in your feet. They can produce up to half a pint of sweat in a day. Damp feet can cause blisters and spoil a good walk. Socks with moisture wicking technology will keep your feet on every step.

Did you know women are 9 times more likely to get cold feet than men as they have 4 times as many cold receptors. Our women specific socks are constructed with a higher wool content for extra warmth.

Our complete sock range is designed, tested & manufactured in the UK to ensure true British quality.

We offer truly gender specific socks as men’s and women’s feet are different. We optimise design, construction and yarn selection to meet both men’s and women’s needs.

Whether you are walking in the Lake District hills in the winter, or strolling through the forest trails in the summer, we have a sock for you.

Our socks are designed with the latest fibres to ensure your footwear and socks delivery the ultimate walking experience.

Anyway, as a result of that mailing I was sent a pair of the men’s Hillmaster socks to try out. These are three season socks made from Merino wool for warmth and coolmax fibres to wick moisture away. They are designed for hill walking to dog walking, autumn to summer.

I know these are the mens ones but I decided I’d try them rather than giving them to my other half. Brasher do a women’s specific ones which have thermocool fibres for temperature control rather than the coolmax, but I found these mens ones very comfortable and very nice on my feet. They have a great fit – I find the fact these are designed for left and right feet separately an excellent feature of Brasher socks, you know it makes sense. They are thick socks, perfect for cooler weather, and have a decent height to them making them perfect for hiking boots or walking shoes depending on your preference. Oh and they wash well.

I do like a good quality sock and am gradually building up my supply of them and discarding my old cheap walking socks, it’s well worth it. I do recommend Brasher and would happily spend my own money on these socks.

Disclaimer: I was sent some socks for free by Brasher. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.
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