Sky Coaster Kissimmee

Me on the Sky Coaster Kissimmee

I ticked something of my things to do list today… the Sky Coaster at Kissimmee. It’s the tallest Sky Coaster in the world at 300ft, and basically simulates the freefall of a sky dive.

This is my fourth holiday to Orlando and I’ve been thinking about it each time, this time I decided I’d just go for it. You get strapped into a harness and lay on your front, then get hoisted up to the top of the tower before pulling the orange cord to let yourself go.

It was awesome!!! Totally exhilarating, just brilliant, I’m so glad I did it. Here’s some photos taken by my other half and also a video (scroll to the bottom for the video) to prove it!

The Sky Coaster at Kissimmee.


Being hoisted up backwards ready for my ride.

Three… Two… One… Fly!


Here’s the video taken by my mother-in-law on an iPhone – it gives the idea.

So thanks to the guys at Kissimmee Sky Coaster for an awesome experience – if it wasn’t so expensive ($40) I’d have gone straight back on it again!


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