Softech Watch from Watch A Gift

Watch A Gift are a 30-year old company selling retro style designer watches. They are an official UK seller of Softech, Bench, Ingersoll, Picador, Obaku, Gant and Kenneth Cole watches, and have a wide range of styles (and colours) on their website.

I was sent a Softech ladies watch thanks to Fuel My Blog who asked me to review it – it’s the first time I’ve come across both Watch A Gift and Softech. At only £17.99 I wasn’t expecting much from the Ladies Chrono Silver Softech Watch, so was surprised when a lovely looking box arrived with my name on it.

Inside the watch was presented nicely and gleamed under the light. I like the design, very traditional layout and strap type, classic. It certainly looks the part.

Once you pick it up you realise immediately this is not a £500 or even £100 watch. It is light, and I associate a bit of weight with a good quality durable watch. Being light does make it good for everyday wear, but remember you get (much) less than £20 worth of materials when you spend less than £20 on a watch.

I like the size of the watch – a bit bigger than you normally see ladies watches, but I don’t go for dainty! It looks nice on, and the face is very clear to read the time at a glance.

To start with I thought this was a bracelet watch with no clasp, meaning you have to push the watch over your hand to put it on. As a result the watch was really lose around my wrist. However when I went to take one of the removable links out to make it fit better, expecting to need a special tool, I realise it did open up after all (oops!).  I removed what then became the only easily removable link but the watch is still too big – I wonder if I could get a jeweller to remove one or two of the other links, I’m not sure if that is possible or not; more easily removable links would improve this watch a great deal.

The specification isn’t at all bad. I mean it’s waterproof to 30m (not tested by me!) and comes with a 12 month guarantee, which is great news. It’s a traditional looking “normal” watch that looks fine and keeps the time well as far as I can tell. At £17.99 this is superb value for money, there really is nothing wrong with it at that price, but it probably wouldn’t do as a designer gift for that special someone.

Disclaimer: I was sent a watch to review from Watch A Gift thanks to being a member of Fuel my Blog. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.
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