Cowboy Boots

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I have the most fantastic pair of cowboy boots that I bought when I went to Florida a few years ago. I love them. Here…

Black Cowboy Boots

(I really need to learn to get better photos of shoes on my feet.)

I also have another pair of cowboy-style boots. These are by Faith, and I won them in a Twitter competition run by Debenhams ages ago. I love them. Here…

Faith Cowboy Boots

I really like this western type boot. They appeal to my outdoors self as well as my sense of style (when I say “sense of style” I know I’m not stylish, but they are something I like and I think they suit me!). They go with jeans and dresses and well whatever else really. And with the sales on it would seem rude not to browse online for my next pair of shoes

These blue leather boots by Jonak caught my attention. They have the traditional western cut but the blue is unusual and I really like it.

Jonak Blue Cowboy Boots

These Andorra boots by Pikolinos are lower and a more traditional colour. The little rounded studding detail looks great along the heel stitching, and the leather looks lovely and soft.

Pikolinos Cowboy Boots

Finally I found these more traditional looking dark brown boots by Femme Plus. They have a chunky square heel and that “already worn” look.

Femme Plus Cowboy Boots

Of the three I think it’s the middle pair, the Pikolinos ones, that make it onto my wish list.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Spartoo but I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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