A Things To Do List Update

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The beginning of the year is always a good time to update my big list of things to do – my bucket list – the list that gives me plenty of challenges, plenty of things to aim for, plenty of things to think about.

Last year (doesn’t 2012 seem like a long time ago?!) I ticked off seven things from my list (and added to a couple more), including swimming with dolphins (I really should blog about that experience, I will do so soon) and the Sky Coaster in Kissimmee.

Dolphin Swim, Discovery Cove

Sky Coaster Kissimmee

I love planning my next “Things to Do” adventure, and I know that I will be ticking two things off in the next couple of weeks, three if the Northern Lights put on a show while we’re on holiday in Finland. Oh and for the record, I have promised a good friend I will arrange to give blood when I come back from my holiday!

As you know, though, my list is always evolving. Each time I tick something off, whether big like the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge or small like eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, I find new things to add. The list is long but there is always room for more, new, interesting, exciting, thought provoking, scary, educational, adrenaline fuelled, cultural, and other challenges.

So thanks for all your suggestions so far… and your offers of help with things already on my list… keep them coming… leave your comment below!

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