Review: Damart Soft Warmth Thermals

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On hearing that I would be spending a week in Finland where the average daytime temperature at this time of year is -14, Damart kindly sent me a set of thermals to try out. I dutifully packed them in my suitcase hoping that a) the forecast was incorrect and b) Damart had sent me a decent product.

The set I tested is a long sleeved top with scoop neck and some full length traditional leggings. They both are considered “soft touch” thermals, which Damart give a rating of 2 (out of 5) on their scale of warmth.

Damart Soft Warmth Thermals

It was suggested that I included a photograph on here of me modelling the thermals. Er… sorry… way to self conscious for that! You will just have to believe me when I say my usual size fitted me very well – skin tight without being restrictive – and they have a feminine look to them.

Damart Soft Warmth Thermal Top

Both the top and the leggings are made from soft material which has been finished well. They are nice to have next to your skin because the material is lovely – I didn’t experience any static with these which I know is a common problem with base layers.

The top has lovely satiny-feel edging which sits nicely at your wrists and neck, and the leggings are elasticated at the waist and ankles. The top’s scoop neck, although it looks nice, isn’t really something you want on thermals you’re going to wear for activities like skiing or walking as you want warmth right up to your neck, but it does make the top useful for more casual wear under dresses or tops with different neck styles. The leggings have a traditional knitted pattern (like those white socks we all used to wear to school) which left lovely indentations on my legs especially where my ski socks and boots were squishing them onto my skin – this took a little while to disappear but wasn’t sore or painful. Both the top and leggings are very stretchy so you get a good fit.

Damart Soft Warmth Thermal Leggings

Given that the packaging for both rates these thermals no where near the minus 16 degrees celcius I tested them in (we had colder days, but I didn’t wear these on those days), I would say these are well worth their “thermal” title. Combined with my other ski wear they did the trick – comfortable to wear, fitted well, and helped to keep me warm.

Back home in snowy Great Britain I would say these are ideal for the cold days we’re getting at the moment. I would be more than happy to wear the top under a dress in the office, and the leggings under some trousers (I can’t pull off this style of leggings with a dress, not flattering for the shape of my legs). In fact I’m going to be sat in Lincoln Cathedral later, I think I will definitely have these hidden underneath my chosen outfit.

Disclaimer: I was sent these thermals to review. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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