Weight Watchers: A Week of Breakfasts

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This week I was challenged by Weight Watchers to eat breakfast daily. I said last week that I am very bad at eating breakfast – I’m in too much of a rush in the mornings and besides don’t really fancy anything to eat. But I did, because it was a challenge. I had a selection of cereal in the house already (we like cereal for lunches sometimes) so I just made use of that and didn’t have to buy anything extra.

Here’s what I ate (always accompanied with a cup of tea):

Tuesday – Sultana Bran with Semi Skimmed Milk

Breakfast Tuesday - Sultana Bran

Wednesday – Two Weetabix (no sugar!!) with Semi Skimmed Milk and an Apple

Breakfast Wednesday - Weetabix

Thursday – Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with Semi Skimmed Milk

Breakfast Thursday - Crunch Nut Cornflakes

Friday – Jordons Country Crisp with Raspberries

Breakfast Friday - Country Crisp

Saturday – Jordons Country Crisp with Raspberries again – I do like this cereal but it’s really high in Pro Points at 5 for a portion not including milk.

Breakfast Saturday - Country Crisp

Sunday – Oats So Simple (Original) with some Granulated Sweetener

Breakfast Sunday - Oats So Simple

Monday – One Weetabix with some Granulated Sweetener and Semi Skimmed Milk

Breakfast Monday - Weetabix

I learnt that actually I can face a small bowl of cereal in the mornings, and I do have time to eat it – even today when I got up very late (I’ve no idea if I even set my alarm!) I was able to scoff a Weetabix.

The problem? Cereal and milk eats into my Pro Points total. I was five points down before I even started the day, which for some reason I found difficult to deal with! Also, whoever says breakfast keeps hunger at bay until lunch time lies! I was still as hungry by 11am if not 10am as I would be without eating breakfast. I did my best to go for a no points snack mid-morning but an apple wasn’t enough some days.

I think it’s something I could get used to during the week – I will do my best to continue to eat breakfast. But I think I might change it up a bit. I had some kiwi and pomegranate and grapes this morning along with some fromage frais which made a nice alternative and only one Pro Point.

This week, though, I am proof that you can still lose weight even if you use every single Pro Point available to you. I used all my daily points, all my weekly points, as well as the handful of activity points I achieved (I was a bit lazy I admit, I was recovering from all that skiing!). While I have been trying to make good food choices and not be tempted I have been using up what I have left to eat the chocolate and sweets still left from Christmas – three segments of Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a very worth while four Pro Points by the way! Even with that I lost 2lb. So I’ll take that with a grin and do my best to make better choices this week.

The challenge us bloggers have been set for the coming week is simple… sit less, move more… I’ll let you know next week how I get on! I started with good intentions by getting up half an hour earlier today to use the exercise bike before work, but I’ve just ended up doing chores like changing the towels, emptying the bins, you know the sort of thing. It all needs doing! I was once told “you don’t get to heaven on your good intentions” – so I fear I will have to do much better than that!

Here’s a question for you. If (“if” being an important word there!) I get up half an hour earlier to do a bit of exercise before work (I’ve just ordered Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD on a mass of recommendations – it won’t arrive in time for this weeks challenge sadly), should I eat breakfast first or afterwards?

Disclaimer: I have been invited to be a Weight Watchers Blog Ambassador and have written this post with that hat on.

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  1. Leigh Fenn

    I do the 30 day shred in the mornings (morning best time to exercise, you carry on burning calories though the day that way) and eat breakfast after. Its quite hard work (but fun, you wont be able to sit/climb stairs the first few days comfortably though)and i’d be sick exercising on a full stomach. also eating brekkie is a great idea, kickstarts your metabolism, try eating oats or overnight oats, keeps you fuller for longer and a lot more healthy than boxed cereal. I eat like a pig most days (a healthy pig though lol) and am still keeping my weight off (10 stone lost so far) and carrying on losing cos im quite active, sit less, move more is quite right 🙂

    • Splodz

      Thanks Leigh, this is really helpful. I had fruit and fromage frais this morning and actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I think exercising before work (before breakfast) is the way to go… half an hour a day really isn’t much to ask is it?!

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