Review: Personalised Gifts from Gifts Online 4U

I used to see personalised gifts in two ways. They were either very high priced items – I’m thinking silver and gold – that were engraved with someone’s name to mark a very special occasion. Or they were tacky things like poor quality pens and magnets and seaside rock that we would bring home from holiday when we were kids.

But now they are much more main stream – there is a middle ground – good quality nice products that give us an opportunity to be really personal in our gift giving, to offer friends and family something unique to them. The idea of giving personalised gifts brings the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” and makes it really obvious when giving… you really did think about that person when you bought it.

Gifts Online 4U offers personalised gifts and engraved gifts of all sorts of varieties. They are actually based quite close to me, in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and have a shop in that town. On their website they offer all sorts including mugs, glassware, phone cases, money boxes, teddies, chocolate and balloons. I had a bit of a browse and found a few bits and bobs I wouldn’t mind giving (or receiving)…

I keep thinking I should create a set of coasters from some of my iPhone snaps. Maybe a set of them using the images I showed at the Instachimps Hip 2B Square exhibition last year. These are £2.99 each.

For something a little more lasting perhaps a personalised Piggy Bank. Cute. A traditional and classic money box – the website says that apparently the design of a pig is due to folklore in which a pig is associated with good luck, and hence why it is known to us today as a piggy bank. These are £18.99 and can take up to 25 characters which are engraved onto the silver plated money box.

If you’re trying to find something for Mother’s Day then how about this little compact mirror, which you can have engraved with up to 50 characters. It has a silver finish, a curved pebble style and two mirrors inside. Costing £18.99 it’s not bad value either.

Finally, if you do want something that could be just a bit of fun, then what about a personalised mug? Costing £10.99 the design tool on the website allows you to add a photograph and some text of your choice onto the mug.

There are some lovely things on the Gifts Online 4U website – it’s worth a look if you want something a little different.


Disclaimer: I will be sent a little thank you gift for writing this post about Gifts Online 4U – I wonder what I’ll get?! As always I have not been told what to say and have been honest.


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