Review: Quality Street Toffee Penny Dessert

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What’s your favourite sweet from a Quality Street tin? Mine is undoubtedly the toffee penny. I love them. Chewy, sweet toffee that fills my mouth with toffee flavour that lingers on for minutes after the sweet is gone. So good.

So when I spotted these new desserts in the little Tesco Express around the corner from work yesterday – on offer – I had to give in to temptation.

Quality Street Toffee Penny Dessert

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect really. I’ve had little pots of branded desserts before with mixed results. I like the Milkybar buttons ones but am not so keen on the Aero ones.

Quality Street Toffee Penny Dessert

It was so good. Really. The flavour was exactly like a Quality Street Toffee Penny – the same, without the sticky chewiness that gets stuck in your teeth. It is very sweet, but as you only get a few spoonfuls so it’s not too much. The texture is oh so smooth and it is very rich with toffee flavour. Each mouthful was a delight.

Quality Street Toffee Penny Dessert

LincsGeek and I both recommend these to anyone who is a fan of the Quality Street Toffee Penny. I will be returning to Tesco Express at lunch time today to get a few more while they are on offer…!

If you could make a dessert from a Quality Street, which would it be?

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  1. Alison

    Oh I’ve not seen these, will have to look as they look lovely. Green triangle is my favourite

    • Splodz

      Green triangle is just solid chocolate though… the others are more interesting 🙂

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