Review: Aero Bubbles (Bzz Review)

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I am a Bzz Agent and this is a Bzz Review…

Oh dear. Chocolate again? Mmmmm chocolate! Chocolate is good!! This time I am reviewing Aero Bubbles, which have returned to our stores. I didn’t realise they had left, to be honest, and last time they were out I didn’t try them, so these were new to me.

Aero Bubbles Mint

These are little bite-sized spheres of mint aero bubbles half coated in chocolate. And without wanting to waste any time rambling on, they are divine. I am a fan of mint Aero anyway so the flavour was always going to make me happy; I love bubbly chocolate because the air seems to make it taste better (obviously a very scientific observation), but these little balls of minty chocolate are even better than the bar version, without a doubt.

Aero Bubbles Mint

Aero Bubbles Mint

They are totally addictive and since I received my Bzz kit I have been out and bought several more bags for LincsGeek and I to share. The bubbly texture means each ball of chocolate is light, and the peppermint flavour is refreshing and, well, just about perfect I’d say.

One lovely warm Friday a few weeks ago when I was home from work I discovered the best use for these spheres of minty loveliness… milkshake!

Aero Bubbles Mint

I stuck one small packet of the bubbles into my liquidiser and added a couple of scoops of proper Cornish ice cream and a dash of milk, and whizzed it all up til smooth enough to drink through a straw. It totally worked – one of the best home made milkshakes I’ve ever made.

Aero Bubbles Mint Milkshake

I’m rather hoping for other tried-and-tested options for making at-home milkshakes (bearing in mine my liquidiser is a very cheap model and won’t chop up sweets in the same way as those really powerful things they use in milkshake shops)… go on then…

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and was asked to take part in the Aero Bubbles campaign, which meant I was sent some chocolate to try at home in return for telling other people what I think about it. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result.

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