Review: B-Sensible Pillow Cases

I have been approached a number of times over the last few months about testing out and reviewing B-Sensible bedding. I have always declined, for the simple reason that LincsGeek and I don’t have any need for waterproof bed sheets…

Nothing has changed, we still don’t have any of the usual needs for waterproof bedding, but something in a recent email from the PR company caught my attention. This time it concentrated on the Tencel, a fibre that comes from eucalyptus trees, which is sustainable, 100% natural, and very functional.

Tencel, described as a “new age fibre”, does seem to be a rather impressive material. It is described as “more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen”.

Apart from being completely natural and sustainable, it is also incredibly smooth and soft. This makes it lovely to lie on – maybe even softer than the (cheap) cotton pillow cases I already have. It is also a thermoregulatory fibre, which means it keeps cool in summer and warmest in winter, ideal if you struggle to stay the right temperature in bed. I can’t say that sleeping on these pillow cases gave me a better nights sleep, but I did love the soft, smooth finish and found my pillow stayed a nice cool temperature all night which meant I didn’t have to keep flipping it over to get the cool side!

I can’t review these pillowcases without talking about the fact that they are waterproof. But why would you want waterproof pillows? Well, it’s because the stretchable membrane mixed in with the Tencel acts as a hypo-allergenic barrier against moisture, bacteria and dust mites – perfect for people like me who have rhinitis caused by dust as well as pollen. Basically, moisture (of any type!) is drawn inside of the fibre, meaning there is no moisture film to allow for the growth of bacteria. The material therefore helps to create a really healthy environment, which is something I can definitely appreciate.

Oh, and for the record, these don’t feel anything like I expect a waterproof material to feel like. No loud rustling when the material moves, no sticking to your skin when you get a bit warm, and they wash and dry like a normal sheet.

I would just like to add, finally, that pillow cases with zip fastenings rather than the traditional flap is genius. Much easier and much neater!

Find out more about B-Sensible sheets and pillowcases, which are available in a wide range of colours, on the Bedding Industrial website.

Disclaimer: I was sent a couple of B-Sensible Pillow Cases so I could write about them here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and am always honest.
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