Review: Belkin Pleat Sleeve for iPad

I honestly don’t know what I would do without my iPad. I bought it on the day the iPad2 launched, for the simple reason that I really (really) wanted one. Since that day it has been so well used I’m surprised it’s not worn out (it certainly looks well used!). I use it for everything: writing, reading, playing games, twitter, facebook, surfing the web, blogging, drawing – it’s my tool for both being productive and wasting time. This, of course, means that it goes everywhere with me. I use it at home, at work, on holiday, at church. And so a nice slip case to keep it in when I’m travelling about is a must.

This is the Belkin Pleat Sleeve for iPad, which I have been sent by MyTrendyPhone to review.

I like the case. It is neat and the purple is deep; the pleats on the front give it some interest and it has good a quality zip with matching purple zip toggles to make opening and closing it really easy. My iPad2 fits in with the smartcover still on (my preference) and I checked with LincsGeek’s “the new new iPad” and it also fits well – not too tight and not too lose. The material is thick and seems durable; I can’t see this ripping without an awful lot of effort, and the description suggests that it can be cleaned using soapy water if needed.

The pleated design means the case has some give – so you can put your iPad in the main pocket and then a notebook, a pen and your stylus, headphones, phone, cable and various other accessories in the front pocket without stretching the case. Inside it’s nice and soft against the screen and there seems to be just enough padding to offer protection from being bashed when the slip case is then placed in another bag. For me it is exactly the sort of case I like to use when carting my iPad to and from work in my rucksack.

Is it as good as the Golla Lemmy slip case I searched everywhere for after seeing it at Gadget Show Live and making the (wrong) decision not to buy it there and then? Well I personally don’t think it looks quite good (I love Golla stuff, practical and well designed), but it certainly does the job as well at that case – and the addition of the front pocket for other bobs makes it incredibly useful.

It’s a keeper!

The Belkin Pleat Sleeve for iPad is available from MyTrendyPhone priced at £17.70 – available in purple and black.

Disclaimer: I received this case from MyTrendyPhone so I could write about it here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.
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