Review: Running Mat

Have you watched the latest series of Dragon’s Den? If so then you would have seen this product (series 11, episode 2). It is the Running Mat, a portable, waterproof and easy to clean exercise mat designed by Donna Kerr-Foley of No Lippy Boot Camp.

Like Deborah Meaden on Dragon’s Den I am surprised this didn’t already exist – an exercise mat that straps around your waist to make it simple to carry about does seem like a useful product.

To be honest I only run 5km at a time and so never stray very far from my front door through which I can go to stretch on the comfort of my own kitchen floor. And I don’t have a personal trainer or attend a boot camp, although maybe I should! But I do walk a lot and this is very useful to take as a sitter for when I fancy a break to take in the view, or want to take my boots off for a bit. I’ve used it on grass, mud, gravel and sand – it’s perfect to give me some comfort and keep me dry while I eat my sandwiches. It is very easily cleaned – just wipe with a damp cloth, and it is lined with that magic silver material that keeps you warm too so you don’t have to worry about getting a chill from any damp ground. It’s not something I would want around my middle for very long days because I think it would get a bit cumbersome (and if I was going out all day I’d definitely have a bag to carry something in), but it is great for afternoons in the countryside, especially if you’ve arranged somewhere to stop.

This Running Mat would be useful to anyone who gets outdoors without taking a rucksack to carry loads of stuff – think personal training sessions, boot camps, fitness camps, running and hiking. It’s also perfect for festivals or open air concerts because it’s easy to carry and is the perfect size for one – and you don’t have to find space in a bag in order to carry it about. A great idea. Let me know where you take yours!

Disclaimer: I was sent a Running Mat through the Fuel My Blog scheme so I could share it with all of you.
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