Review: Quality Street Green Triangle Desserts

A little while ago I spotted new Quality Street Toffee Penny Desserts in my local Tesco Express. LincsGeek and I were really very impressed – he knew what the dessert was supposed to be without having seen the packaging, and we’ve had several of them since. So when I was given the opportunity to try another new Quality Street Dessert, I jumped at the chance.

This time it is the turn of the Green Triangle – a “creamy chocolate and hazelnut flavoured dessert” that is inspired by the green foil wrapped triangles of hazelnut praline.

The dessert is a smooth chocolate the consistency of thick yoghurt (rather than mousse) with a hazelnut flavour. It is very very sweet and does provide a suitable chocolate hit. At 153 calories a pot it’s not a bad way to enjoy some chocolate. I’m afraid, though, that this simply didn’t match up to the Toffee Penny one we tried before. It’s just, well, a bit dull. It’s smooth, yes, it’s sweet, yes, but it’s just a chocolate flavoured dessert in a pot – nothing particularly special. To be fair when it comes to choosing which little sweet to eat from a Quality Street tin I will always choose a Toffee Penny over a Green Triangle any day (in fact I will always choose a Toffee Penny!), and so perhaps my comparison is a little mean in that sense.

When my friends and I tried these little desserts we all agreed they were fine – they tasted nice, offered something sweet and chocolatey after our meal, but we wouldn’t be rushing out to buy a load.

I wonder if they’ll bring out The Purple One as a dessert? Or Orange Creme?

Disclaimer: I received some free desserts so I could share my thoughts here on Splodz Blogz (I do laugh when the Tesco man delivered just one thing!).
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