My Week in Photos 21 to 27 Oct 2013

21 to 27 October 2013

My courgette spaghetti (courgetti) experiment was a definite success – you should try it.

Receiving a personalised box of tea from Twinings in the post really made me smile. I am very easily pleased!

I take part in the weekly “smart phone square” photo challenge through the Instachimps photography group (the group who organised the two photo exhibitions I’ve taken part in). This was my entry for last week’s challenge – “reflection” – a glass beat photographed on a glass shelf.

We went to the Lincolnshire Sausage Festival and Food and Farming Festival on Saturday – a great way to spend a morning.

Sunday saw us prepare for what the weather forecasters were calling the worst storm in the UK since 1987. At the risk of overreacting I brought the bunnies inside and loaded the garage up with all the garden furniture and plant pots. Thankfully it’s been ok here in Lincoln but I know other places haven’t fared so well.

What does “be prepared” mean to you? I got the box of candles out of the cupboard and put them somewhere easy to get to just in case!

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