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Light is something that I think about a lot. It is one of those philosophical subjects that always has an object lesson for us to apply to our lives. Apart from anything else we all need light to survive – it is life giving and without it we struggle.

But it’s not only a literal physical light that we all need to live. We also need mental light and spiritual light. It is more than the sun and lightbulbs, but also clarity and kindness. Light symbolises all that is good in the world, and we crave that.

I believe that we can all be light in the darkness for other people. I feel that it is our duty as decent human beings to try our best to shine – in words, thoughts and deeds. We have an obligation to be good, because that makes us and other people happy. And you simply cannot beat a genuine smile!

Today is Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. I am not Hindu, I am Christian, but I completely understand and appreciate the sentiment behind this celebration. Hindu’s light small clay lamps to light up their house all night, and spiritually it signifies the inner light. I might not like fireworks very much but I love that it is an opportunity to light up the sky with bright lights to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

I hope that everyone who reads this is sat in the light. If you’re not, search out a beacon to show you the way into the sunshine.

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