A Spontaneous Weekend

I received an email earlier in the week from with a little challenge… they asked me to write a blog post about the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done. Yea I know they asked with the motive of me promoting something they’ve got going on at the moment (more on that at the end), but I thought it was a great idea for a blog post and fitted right in with my life is all about the journey mantra, so I replied and said yea, sure, I’m in.

But then last night I sat down for dinner with LincsGeek and told him about this post. And we couldn’t think of anything. Nothing. Not one thing that I have ever done that could be considered spontaneous.

I’ve never taken a day off work at the last minute to go to the seaside. I’ve never booked a hotel at short notice for an unexpected weekend away. I’ve never jumped in the car or on the motorbike and travelled for miles to see something or someone without first working out my destination and my route and checking with the person I’m going to see that it’s ok – at least a week ahead. I’ve never turned up at a theatre box office a couple of minutes before a performance and asked for a ticket. I’ve never looked at an adrenaline challenge and just gone ahead and done it right there and then.

I think we decided the most spontaneous thing I’ve done is sit and watch a movie all the way through just because it was on. Or turned up at a restaurant without a reservation. The latter of those two doesn’t happen very often – I like to book a table!

I seems I am, well, boring. How depressing!

I like to know exactly what I’m doing and when, all the time. I like to be organised. I love lists. And as a result every single thing that I do is planned ahead of time. I think about all the things I’ve done, all the challenges – all the fun days, all the road trips to see the sea, all the shopping trips, all the food choices. They’re all calculated. I think carefully. I get myself ready.

Remember Sky Coaster Kissimmee? It was absolutely awesome, one of the most fun things I have ever, ever done. I saw that thing on three previous holidays to Orlando before finally doing it on my fourth trip to the Sunshine State. I passed on that opportunity to whizz through the air three times with more than a year between each trip. Even playing my trombone on the top of the Yorkshire moors was planned – although I still did it despite the weather so maybe that goes in my favour?!

The fact of the matter is, I am not spontaneous. also asked me to tell you what I would do on a spontaneous weekend. Spot the problem with that question? Of course – if I think about what I’d like to do on a “spontaneous weekend” then by definition that weekend would never be spontaneous. Or would it still be spontaneous if I thought about what I would do but didn’t decide or plan any of it until the day before? I’m over thinking this aren’t I? Ok, let me just get on with the post.

If I had a weekend free and on the Friday night decided to go and do something with it just because I could, then I don’t think any of you would be surprised if I said I would head to the coast. Just to check the sea is still there, you understand. I’m not sure which coast, there are so many. If it was just a Friday night to Sunday then I would most likely stay within the UK; perhaps I, with LincsGeek of course, could jump on a plane at East Midlands Airport down to Newquay and then head to Watergate Bay? Or maybe I should take the opportunity to find a way of getting to Budleigh Salterton where my Grandparents used to live, for old time’s sake? There must be a way of getting there on a Friday night after work?

Whether Budleigh or Watergate Bay I’d spend my weekend walking by the sea, over cliffs and along trails. Miles and miles along coastal paths, enjoying the sea air and sound of the waves. I would definitely take my shoes and socks off and go for a paddle, maybe even a surf if the waves were good enough for a beginner. I would drink much tea, eat well, and waste away the evening hours relaxing with my feet up. Or maybe there would be a gig or stand up show on round the corner that I could get a seat at.

Yea I know; not exactly an adventurous or adrenaline fuelled use of spontaneity. But you know, spontaneous doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do something crazy. It can simply be something that makes you happy inside. A train ride to Paris for a romantic getaway, heading to Monaco for some classy sunshine, or booking a five star hotel in London would be absolutely wonderful and amazing; but I think I would be happiest if I kept my spontaneity small to start with!! And anyway, there might be something exciting and a little bit scary to do down in Budleigh Salterton or close by!

What about you? If you were to do something spontaneous this coming weekend, what would it be? Did you do something spontaneous last weekend? Go on, make me realise how boring and too organised I really am… tell me what the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done is in the comments below.



Disclaimer: I’ve written this post about being spontaneous to take part in a blog challenge set by asked me to write this post to help them promote a massive competition they’re running at the moment. And I mean massive. They’re looking for their Spontaneity Champion (something I know I couldn’t win!) – and there’s mention of having £50k to spend on a fabulous year which sounds pretty awesome to me! If you’re interested then go check out the information page on their website. And if you create a video entry please let me have the link so I can go watch!

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