The Bounce-o-Meter by Shock Absorber

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Did you know you should be wearing a sports bra when you go walking and hiking? Or when you practice yoga? 35% of active women admit to never wearing a sports bra when exercising – and it could be leading to excessive “bounce” which may damage your breasts.

Even women with small breasts should be wearing a sports bra when exercising. Not doing so can make exercising uncomfortable and actually mean we stop exercising before we reach our full potential, and therefore we won’t be getting all the benefits of our gym class or jog around the block.

So with breast bounce causing enough pain (and embarrassment) to lead to reduced performance, and leading to stretching of the supporting structures of the breast, we need to make sure we are wearing the right bra when exercising.

Take a look at this infographic from Shock Absorber…

Shock Absorber Infographic

Shock Absorber’s new Bounce-o-Meter is a 3D visual demonstration of breast movement informed by scientific research and lab videos. The tool allows women to adjust their breast size and level of activity for a clear representation of the impact their chosen exercise may have on their breasts. And of course it will also tell you which Shock Absorber bra you should be buying to go with your chosen activity.

Shock Absorber Bounce-o-Meter

I had a “play” and was surprised at how much bounce there would be when skiing or hiking… I’m pleased to say I do wear a sports bra for most activities but will now make sure I’m wearing one for all activities!

Disclaimer: I was approached by Shock Absorber to share this information with you; I will also be reviewing a Shock Absorber bra in the coming weeks. 


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