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Today BEDN bloggers are being asked about date nights – the who, when, what and where…

You all know I am married to LincsGeek and so naturally the who will be him. The when – well any Saturday night really, or any birthday, anniversary or whenever we’re not doing something else!

In New York

Any date night for me has to include food. Preferably very nice food but I’m not that fussy. We rather like The Old Bakery or Ribs n Bibs in Lincoln. We eat, we chat, we relax. We may choose to see a movie, although the price of the Odeon puts us off more often than not we will wait for the DVD and watch that at home instead. At the moment we are working our way through the James Bond box set – easy watching for a Saturday night and an excellent excuse just to enjoy each other’s company for a couple of hours.

My dream date night (and this is by no means a hint of any kind…) would be a drive to the seaside (surprisingly) and a meal with a view of the ocean before spending the night in a lovely luxurious hotel so I can get up in the morning and walk along the sand. I don’t want much do I?!

What would you do on your dream date night?

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PS I’ve blogged this from a Nokia Lumia 925 that I’ve been sent to try out for a couple of weeks. I will admit it took ages, mainly because my thumbs still think they’re using an iPhone keyboard. Watch out for the review next month.

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