Review: The North Face Durango Hoodie

The North Face Durango Hoodie is a this-season soft shell outerwear jacket that offers some warmth and protection from rain, ideal for those in-between days when it’s not cold enough to need a hugely insulated coat but when you do still want to get moving.

I received this particular one from Snow+Rock to try out.

The Durango is a warm soft shell hooded layer designed for wearing while you are doing… doing anything really, but especially aerobic activities! It is made from TNF Apex ClimateBlock and is fleece backed for added insulation. The fabric is water and wind resistant with great breathability and built-in stretch. It has very straight forward styling with adjustable cuffs, hand pockets and a rather useful chest pocket. These photos below show the colours better than the ones above:

As with every item of The North Face clothing that I have tried so far, this jacket fits very well and is lovely to wear. It has a lovely rather feminine shape when zipped up (which is lovely for a piece of technical clothing), with enough room for a couple of thin layers underneath (I am wearing the medium). I love how the hoodie moves with my body – it is a tighter fit than my usual choice of outer layer but it goes with me without getting all twisted or riding up my back.

Yes I know the inside of the jacket is bright pink and I am not usually a fan of that colour, but actually it looks completely fine, don’t you think? The “greystone blue” coloured outer is quite understated, which makes it easy to wear with anything (and makes such a difference to black or dark blue – The North Face are very good at colour), and the flash of cerise gives it something a bit unusual to make it stand out. Cue a terrible selfie taken at the beach last week!

The Durango is proving to be a very useful in-between jacket when I want something light and breathable, but still waterproof and warm. I’m very impressed as the jacket is fitted and stylish but has great technical specification – and as you expect, lives up to what The North Face claim.

You can buy The North Face Durango Hoodie from Snow+Rock for £140.

Disclaimer: I was sent this jacket by Snow + Rock for the purposes of this post on Splodz Blogz.


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