What’s Your Living Room Talent?

According to an article I read recently, one of the top things people regret never doing is mastering an awesome party trick. You know the sort of silly thing I’m talking about – an impression, a magic trick, being able to contort your body into some weird shape, spinning a plate on your finger… 

…then Maltesers emailed me to tell me that, apparently, joke-telling is the UK’s most practised Living Room Talent, followed by doing magic tricks and impressions before loads of other fantastic little hidden talents.

I’m not sure I’ve ever mastered a party trick. I don’t tell jokes – I’ve never been very good at that, or impressions for that matter. But I did have a Paul Daniels magic set just like the one on the left (yes, mine had the new magic card tricks!) and loved to mess about with that in front of my family on any random evening. I bet you all had magic sets too, yes (there’s loads of these on ebay at the moment!)? Did you master the one with the knotted rope and the card with the bunny on?

To prove that we all have some kind of hidden talent we use to entertain friends and family on a night in (or out!), and to help them celebrate their sponsorship of Britain’s Got Talent, Maltesers have launched a hunt for the country’s best Living Room Talent. They want to see videos of you showing off your best party trick – whatever that may be – and are planning a massive House Party (not sure if Noel will be there) to give you opportunity to show off to the world!

If you think this is one just for the kids you’d be wrong… the findings also showed that one in ten of people discover their talent when they were between the age of 31 and 40 years old. There is hope for me yet!! Maybe my talent could be eating a whole box of Maltesers in one sitting? Don’t tell me you can do that too?!

To find out more and see the terms and conditions visit or head to to submit your Living Room Talent entry before 18 May.

Let me know if you enter and feel free to link to your video below so we can all share in your Living Room Talent!

Disclaimer: Maltesers sent me some, well, Maltesers as a thank you for sharing this on my blog.


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