A Sensible Bucket List Item: Grow Your Own

Bucket list items don’t have to be adrenaline fuelled.

Sometimes they can be totally sensible.  

One such thing on my list is “grow and eat my own vegetables”. You know, plant something, grow it, harvest it, eat it. 

I’ve always thought growing your own veg to be a skill that should be known by everyone. If there was ever another World War, God forbid, or for some other reason supermarkets and grocers found it difficult to keep stock, then being able to grow your own would be invaluable and key to your survival. But I’ve also always thought that this is incredibly difficult. I’ve never been particularly green fingered; the fact is that most things I try to grow just wither away and die. Such a sad sight! Friends who have amazing gardens or successful allotments put in an awful lot of time, effort and skill into their produce and I admire them for it.

I don’t have anywhere in my teeny back garden to create a vegetable patch so instead I planted a handful of lettuce plants in a couple of pots by the garage. I had a little help, of course – my mum chose the plants and helped me plant them, and gave me instructions on how to care for the fragile leaves. It’s so nice doing something with your mum even when you are 33! Every morning before work I would make sure they were gently watered, I would stand guard when the bunnies were hopping around the garden, I even turned the pot around every few days so the leaves grew straight up!  I can’t tell you what kind of lettuce this is, but it wasn’t long before the leaves grew big enough to pick.

And I give you… my harvested lettuce, all washed and ready to eat!

There’s plenty more where that came from too! I’m so impressed with how easy it was. I know it’s just one salad vegetable and I still admire those who have a variety of produce available, but it’s so nice to have something home grown and completely fresh to eat. These leaves brightened up our dinner plates and tasted really good.

Sensible bucket list items can be as rewarding as the adventurous ones. I’m glad I’ve ticked this one off.

What are your sensible bucket list items? Which other vegetables are a doddle to grow in pots?

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